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larry maddock

Master of the Pit
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Sep 27, 2005
roll call--hello and thank you thread.

im putting it here so every one has a chance you see it.

once again my butcher guru "DUTCH" shows me
a good path to travel.

Check this link for a cooking log.
It's the one I use-you can get as detailed with it as you want.
The Cooking Log download will be at the bottom of the page.
Cooking Log is at

this is what i needed :shock: :)
Larry, since the use of some type of a cooking log gets mentioned quite often, I'm going to make this topic a 'sticky' so that it will stay at the top of the page and not get buried in the back pages.

Glad the log works for you!
Hey Dutch,

Although this is an Excel program it works fine on my Word Perfect/Quatro Pro spreadsheet program.
Love this!!! Just printed a bunch out, 3 holed em and put em in a binder! Gonna have to tie a pencil to and hang it by the family will definitely think I've lost it now!
Hey ShellBell,

Maybe someone will open an "asylum for the insane smoker" and at least we will have some company when all our families commit us. :D
No problem being committed to that, as long as they have a big pavilion outside so that we all have a spot for our smokers, come rain or shine! Wow, imagine what the menu would be a place like that!! I'd imagine there would be all kinds of smoketosterone going on at a place like that!!
Great find, i am a big advocate of taking notes on cooks, but truth be told, I never bother to do it. Thinking I may make a notebook of these forums, then there would be 1 less excuse.
does Everybodys family think that thay are a little insane about smoking?? I know mine does. Every time anything is mentioned They ask me if I want to smoke it!!
I know I'm insane. Or a better word for me is maybe Nut-Job! I knew it before I started smokin and all I can say now is Mmmmmmmm!!!

I think the form's a great idea.

thanks for the cooking log... so far my notes are on assorted papers that are here and there and i am afraid gotten throw away.... this is great!
I started using these logs and I've learned a lot. At first I thought I would just cook by feel, and I'm sure a lot of guys do that. But the logs really helped me to learn my smoker. Now I know exactly how long I can expect a can of charcoal to burn before temps start dropping, for instance.
Big-E -

I know mine does! My mother in law who sayed with us for a few weeks and just left - insinuated maybe I could't afford to buy quality meat in the store. I got a bit upset and said "Do you have any idea how much my food bill has gone up since I started smoking?" Then she infered maybe I was wasting money I could be saving. Can't win!

They just don't understand!

I have completely reworked the cook log from virtual bullet and made it more diverse for those using electric, propane, charcoal and wood.

The cook log is great but it is made specifically for the weber bullet and left me wanting more.

It is a downloadable Excel Spreadsheet right now but I will convert it to PDF as soon as my PDF software starts working again (decided not to work today!)

If you have suggestions please speak up..

I completely deleted what they did and only reused a bit of verbage which I thought was good.

It is located in the downloads area
Thanks for bumping that up Jeff, printing as i type
Yep! Call me a nut or insane too! My Trish says if I fell and bumpped my head all that would come out would be SMOKE!LOL
However, no-one in the family and none of the neighbors refuse my "Q" when invited!!! Hmmmmmmm.
The wife works at a Nursing Home that has about 60 residents over 400#, it's only 2 blocks from my house and I've accuired a gathering of fans(the ambultory ones) that come just for the smell. Maybe that's not such a good thing , for after leaving they go back to have thier calculated meals??? Then they order-out for Pizza and anything else they can get delivered.Administration hates me, but the staff loves me,they get leftovers the wife takes in for thier potlucks; which brings another problem- the Bariatrics gather outside the breakroon door waiting for someone to drop some crumbs. Such a quandrum!!!
Man, that is funny! I used in work in ER, so I had some experience with nursing homes and their pts. I could just see what you were describing as if it was actually happening. Good post!
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