Converting Charcoal to Electric

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  1. I currently own a Brinkmann stand up charcoal smoker. I am being forced to convert it to electric as I just moved to a condo. How should I go about it? I am not very interested in purchasing a brinkmann electric converter as it costs about as much as i paid for the original smoker.

    I have seen a few people on the net talk about using a 1000W hot plate to heat a cast iron pan full of wood chips. Are there any draw backs? Could the hot plate melt? Also, one of these posts recommended detaching the heat element from the base controls.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    novice smoker
  2. here in oklahoma we have a store called Academy Sports and Outdoors "also on the web" , they offer a 'coverter " electric in the stores for $29.99
    it works very well as i have one also, it is the "lazy man way of smoking" i have to say because i can plug it in and walk away only to return after an hour to add more wood "chips" [​IMG] but the first time i used it i put way too much smoke in my meat [​IMG] so ...........a little wood goes a long way ....... i also smoke during the winter months and i built a wood box for it too sit in too keep the wind off of it i made the box so the front of it i can remove to add more wood or "liquid" to the pan ..............feel free to contact me for info

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