contro temps in your smoker

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Jan 31, 2011
Winter Park Fl
I'm smokin with a WSM 22" and I am having to adjust my vents every 10-15 minutes to keep temps at the desired levels but I hear alot of you all walking away for a couple of hrs or more. How do you do that?
Not sure why u are having those problems.. Once i get mine dialed in ( takes  30 minutes to an hour) I go to bed for 8 hours and when i get up and check it, it will only 5-10 degrees from where i left it....Are u starting with a full chamber of coal? lump? Are u using the minion method? How many lit coals are u putting on the top? Just a few questions to try and help...........
Hey Mike,I've always used a large chimney to start my coals and fill it 3/4 full and add it to my cooker this puts the temp just about right, and then add more as needed. I know what the minion method is but have never tried it. Could you explain the other method of putting hot coals on top of un-lit coals and please give me specifics on how many coals to start with when using the minion method. Thanks Gary
Hey Gary...... I have the 22 wsm and i fill the whole chamber with coal.I then only light about 15 briquettes to pour in the center on top....I also put some wood chunks throughout the coal  so they will smoke as the coal catches around them.....I start with my vents( bottom) about half way open and watch the temp climb...As it nears 200 i start shutting them down..On my wsm i usualy end up with the vents only about a 1/4 inch open each...Holds 230-240 (dome therm temp) rock steady for almost 10 hours...I use the water pan filled with water on mine,,This helps hold the temps steady for me....Some people have problems with temps on the wsm if it is out of round...The lid should fit snug on the middle and the middle snug on the bottom...Ive know a few folks who got ones that were out of round,, Which is easily fixed by calling weber..They most always will replace the parts... Check and make sure the door is fitting snug as well..They can be bent into proper shape if need be...Weber has a great forum for the wsm. It is Lots of great info there as well as here..Search minion method on either one for lots of info.......Best of luck..............mike
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Good advise from Mike, I usually have 2 of the bottom vents closed & the 3rd one about 1/4 open this seem to keep the temp around 220-225.
Hey Guys, This sounds like what I've needed to hear. Can't wait to try it out. All this time I've been strugglin. This will make smokin alot more enjoyable. Also thanks for the info on the weber forum. Gary is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.