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Dec 29, 2005
I know it's been awile since I posted, but I am confused on what to buy. I havn't had alot of time to use my current smoker which is a small off set char broil because of apartment issues, but I have recently moved into a house and that problem has been solved. I have smoked or grilled 5 times a week or more for the last month(Have to make up for lost times with my baby). I have been looking to upgrade to a larger unit and I can't decide between the char broil pro or the char broil outlaw(I would get something else but money is an issue). If I could get some feed back about what you guys think. Is it worth the extra 200+ sq. inches.

Thanks guys
Well what a dilemma! Do ya guys entertain much or do you plan to? I canâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t imagine the Outlaw (isnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t that made by CharGrill?)is going to use that much more fuel. If space isnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t a problem now. you will probably hate yourself if ya donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t go the extra mile! Just my 2 ¢! :roll:
You're right. The Pro and Outlaw are both Chargrillers. I have more than enough space and I do entertain alot. I was thinking the same thing. I will probably hate myself for not buying the bigger one. Do you know if the side box is bigger on the Outlaw? If it isn't do you see that being a problem keeping the cooking chamber at a constant temp during the low and slow times.
I believe the firebox is one size fits all!
And no that should not present a problem, remember youâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]re not stoking a train! That will be more than sufficient, Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m sure these guys already have all the mods figured out, just ask away. I donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t use a stick burner, so you will have to wait till one of these guys pick it up. Good Luck
Thanks for the reinsurance. I plan on buying it today. Unless you all can convince me to get something elsa for around $400 w/shipping.
Well I went with Chargriller Outlaw. It should be here Wednesday or Thursday. I'll be looking through the past threads for mods to the Outlaw. Thanks for everything guys.
The mods should be the same as the Pro.... They are the same except the Outlaw is one cooking grate longer (wider).

I would make sure you do the charcoal basket, get the fuel up higher to make room for the ash and not smother out the fire.

Get a piece of aluminum drier vent hose and extend the vent closer to the cooking grate.

Recalibrate the stock thermometer, and make sure you use a good thermometer at grate level to monitor cooking temps.

That is what I can think of right off. Let us know if you need anything else. And now I am jealous. I wish I had gotten an Outlaw, but now I just use 2 SuperPros.....

Yes, enjoy it......

Oh yeah. Don't try to pull the labels etc off at first. When you start to season it, let the temps warm the "glue" and as it heats up, you will be able to just pull them off with no problem. Remember, the metal can be hot. Just be careful.

Use a spray bottle and just spray veggie oil on everything before you start, and abt 2 or 3 times during the seasoning process. After you are done, brush the cooking grates, and then spray them while still warm. That will help keep them from rusting.

Anything else..... ???

All I done when I calibrated mine, was I took an oven thermometer, checked it with the oven and placed it on the cooking grate of the CG. When the temps stabilized, I raised the lid slowly just enough to see the oven therm. Then compared it to the lid therm. Then I raised the lid, and carefully turned the hex nut on the lid therm... it will be hot so be very careful. Then I closed the lid again, and let the temps stabilize. Checked and adjusted until they were real close. Others take them off, and just put the probe into a pan of boiling water. Water boils at 212*F at sea level. Then again, hold the therm and adjust with the hex nut. The therm will be hot, so hold with a pot holder or something. Check again and adjust as needed.

I have tried flipping my main chamber pan, but put it back like it was. I have tried raising and lowering. But I just put it back like original, all the way down, and put an aluminum pan on in the main chamber below the cooking grates on the right side abt 3-4 inches or so from the sfb. Fill it with HOT water, and that helps a LOT. That and the flex tubing from the vent. I can maintain temps across my cooking surface within 5-10 degrees. I don't think anyone can ask for much better than that.

Thanks for all the info guys. I started to put it together last night and I had trouble with the lid closing all the way. Not making a good seal. It seems to me that the top or bottom may be twisted. Is this something to be worried about?
The lid and chamber should be even all the way around. If you see a gap, then it isn't.

Did you put it together on an even surface? If you didn't, the bottom could be twisted some. IF that is the case, put it on a smooth surface, loosen all the bolts, twist it back some if it doesn't level out on it's own. Then tighten it back up. If that doesn't help, call or email Wendy at CharGriller. She is super great on taking care of problems, and quickly.

Hope that helps.

All right I went ahead and put it together. Seasoned it it, but havn't cooked on it. I've been haveing trouble keeping even temps across the the cooking surface. 70 degree diffrence from one end to the other. I flipped the pan, added the extension on the exaust and built myself a charcoal basket. What else could be done to get even temps.
I am going to shoot in the dark here.....

Is the exhaust vent on top wide open?
It should be wide open at all times when cooking....

What are you using for fuel, and how much?
If using charcoal, you will need abt 2 chimneys full to get the temps up decent. If using lump, I still start with 2, but have to close down the fresh air damper real soon, then adjust. If using straight wood, what kind?

How is the vent set on the sfb?
Start off with it wide open as well.

I take it you are using maybe 2 thermometers? If so, have you checked them to make sure they are real close to each other temp wise. If you haven't checked the stock CG thermometer, you need to. Mine was abt 50 degrees too low.

I leave my main chamber pan like it came, and add an aluminum pan on the right side filled with HOT water. I add the water right before I add my first chimney of lit coals. The water will start to heat the main chamber, and the fire will keep the water hot.

Hope this helps, let me know if it doesn't and what you are doing in detail. I will be leaving Thursday for vacation but will check in from time to time.

Where in FL are you? That is where I am headed. Lakeland, then Leesburg area.

Well I'm going to start with I live in Orlando and I am allways up in Leesburg-Lakeland area all the time for work. Now on to my CG. The first thing I do is Check my probs. I boil a pot of water stick the probes in and all 3 have been reading 210 degrees. Then I fill my chimney full of lump wood let them go until they are done. While that is going I get the smoker ready. I open the intake and exaust all the way. Then I put my charcoal basket in. Next I put my water pan in, then I put the pan(upside down). I forgot to mention the I found that when I put the water pan in, I put it half way and I seem to hold temps dead even on the right side and the middle, but I am about 40 degrees off on the left side(the exaust side. Now I have extended the smoke stack to about an inch to two inches off the grate. I hope this is enough info, if not let me know and I will try my best to give you more.
Sounds like you are making progress. Just a little more "tweaking" and you should have it. I did take my vent all the way to the grate, or all but touching it.

Give that a shot....

Well I finally think I have it tuned in. I have the temps at 5-10 degrees diffrence accross the grates. Tonight I'm going to cook ribs on it to see how they turn out.
Yes it does. Give that a try, and if you have any more problems let us know.

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