Commercial Sauces

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Jan 25, 2007
At the risk of "stirring the pot", I am curious as to whether ya'all make your own sauce or sometimes do store bought. Some folks we know would croak at the notion. If you do take a short cut, what do you buy? My current favorite is Sweet Baby Rays - both regular and hot 'n' spicy. Ashamed to admit that we used to like KC Masterpiece (all be it, with a little Kaloua and Peach Schnops) :oops:

come on, fess up!
Hi, tonto- with me it's based on time- Do I have the time to make my own sauce? If I do I'll make it up, if not I'll resort to using a bottled brand with Sweet Baby Ray's leading the pack. A couple of years ago the Mrs. bought of gallon jug of BBQ sauce at Costco (Cowboy brand IIRC) It was a nice sauce for a base- I'd either sweeten it up or add chili spices and pepper sauce to it to make it spicy. It depended on who all was eating and what their preferences were.

BMDH (Beating my drum here) Check out my Mahogany Sauce- it makes a great sauce on it's own or you can jazz it up to suit your own taste. It's posted as a sticky at the top of the Pork section.

Blues Hog Original and Blues Hog Honey Mustard BBQ sauce. Probably not much help as I figure you won't be able to find it up there. I have a good online source if you are interested. BTW, you won't need to doctor the Hog. ;)
Sweet Baby Ray's and Stubbs are winners. I modify them slightly though. I like to heat the sauce on the stove and add about two tablespoons of good burbon per six ounces of sauce. Let it cool and you'd be surprised at how good it is. Of course, my homade is best but if I'm in a hurry, then this is what I do.
Dutch, I just finished reading the thread for the mahogany sauce, sounds fantastic, I'm gonna make a batch for next weekends superbowl smoke. Thanks for the heads up!!
Used to only use store bought. Once we started making our own, nobody will eat the commercial any more. Make up about 3 or different sauces every couple of weeks and bottle them.

PS - just notice who Tonto is. Glad to see you found a way to get your own "Name" without having to share :D
We don't use a lot of sauces as a rule, but when we do, it's Cookies. Used to be you could only get it in Iowa, but it's trickling into other states. Missouri anyway. It's a very good sauce that tastes good with any meat. In fact I was just dippin' the chicken from yesterdays smoke in it.
The best I've EVER had though is from Hollman Foods. You have to order it though. If you do, you won't be sorry.
Here is their web address.
Hollman Foods
My favorite store bought and when I have time make the Cheech version of it too. The kind is Corky's. I believe there is a thread here someplace with the recipe. It is to die for
I use one of two local favorite from Claxon's Smoke House, or Big Daddy's BBQ on 14th st in DSM. Both are very very good!
I never really used any sauce until this x-mas when I got a bunch of bottles(and haven't tried them all yet). So far my fav ever is Jim Beam's BBQ sauce. Vinegar based. Wife & kids put A1 on everything, when I make something new I hide it; if they ask for it then the meat wasn't very good. If they use ketchup on meat they have to sit in time-out for one day for every year they have been on earth. Wife was there for a month one time................kinda nice actually......:)

But then again I could live on brisket and beer.............and of course the couch goes with the beer
Sweet Baby Rays when I use sauce. Usually just eat the meat without though and let the smoke and natural juices provide the flavor. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.