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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by hounds51, May 12, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know if the commercial prepared turkeys have instacure 1 cure. I am thinking of smoking some Butterball or simular turkeys, and need to know if they are properly cured for a long slow smoke. Thinking of doing a 8 hour smoke, Smoke temps about 165 degs. Then finishing in the oven.
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    I do not believe that the enhanced solution that is used to pack the turkeys has an actual cure in it. I believe its more a salt solution and different packers use different solutions or at least different strengths
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    They will say "cured" on the label ifin indeed they contain it, most er just "enhanced" which is supposed ta make em juicer an a bit heavier.

    Ifin yer gonna cold smoke one, I'd soak it fer a couple a hours changin the water out bout ever 30 minutes ta remove most a the enhance solution then cure it.
  4. I am wondering if I were to bake this in the oven till done, then smoke for about 3 hours at 165 degrees. I guess as long as I don't let the bird fall below 140 degrees I should be ok, I am just wondering how the bird will take the smoke?
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    Heck, that bein the case, just brine it an smoke it! There not really all that hard ta do. I just wouldn't recommend doin one much over 12 ta 13 pounds, need more bird then that, smoke 2!

    I do turkey in the smoker at bout 325° ta hep get em through that 40° - 140° range as quick as possible, cause ya don't wanna be there fer more then 4 hours.

    Smoked turkey is very fine indeed!

    Ya can spatchcock em to which works real well.

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