Combo Pellet smoker/Grill?

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Mummy Mountain

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Jan 27, 2024
We recently relocated from CA to a free state. In the process, I chose to give my old Traeger to my brother, and my propane grille to a neighbor. Logistics prevented moving them...long story.
Anyway my question is this. Is there a pellet smoker that gets hot enough to grill burgers on, like you would doing a quick dinner of burgers on the propane? I do still have my grill grates I rescued from my old gas grill. I use smoker for ribs, Tri-tip and steaks. Gas is primarily used for quick grilling of burgers or chicken for wife and I.
Was looking at CampChef Woodwind Pro24 or Recteq Deck Boss590. Thanks!!!
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The Rider DLX 1200 is on of the best grills out there ,and a half decent smoker. But, it has one flaw. A bad controller.
A lot will depend on your budget.

Recteq are pretty well liked and believe they get a pretty high temp.
Many new pellet grills have a "Direct Flame" mode.
You can cook directly over the burn pot.
It is not a larger area though.
I have the pit boss PB1150PS2. Great smoker but I found the sear flame function to be dismal. Might as well use my grill torch.
I bought a 130.00 weber to sear with. Well I actually bought it to do vortex chicken with.
As others have said, pellet grills are better at smoking than high temp cooking. My Camp Chef SG24 (SG stands for smoke and grill) has a baffle that slides over to expose the burn pot for grilling/searing, but it is only a small area and does not get hot enough to do what a charcoal or gas grill is made for.
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