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Combo pellet and gas grills


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The gas grill is dying. had a nice charbroil gas grill for a while and it is rusting out inside, replaced all the burners and stuff twice and its about time after 12 years or more. I am thinking about getting of the two sides models one with pellets and one with gas for quick easy burgers and stuff like that. Plus the grill seems to be more and more used at Thanksgiving for the turkey and making ham too. This year I had to dig out the old propane smoker to get the turkey going as the grill wouldn't maintain the heat.

What are your thoughts?

The wife tends to be cheap, but I plant to work around that one without going crazy. The Yoder 640 is not a combo and probably, maybe, farther than I can push her. I like the construction of it, but it looks to me like it is a going to be cleaned after every sloppy cook kind of grill.

I want tough, thick construction and simple to maintain. The wife wants tall lids/covers for putting big stuff like a whole turkey and half ham in it and quick heats on the gas grill for easy grill sessions.


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Not sure , but might be a good time to find some floor models at a good price .


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I havent had gas grill in about 8 years but have owned many pellet cookers. Much more versatile IMO and really doesnt take much longer heat up over gas. I would forego side by side and get good pellet cooker. Consensus out there now is rec tec is bset bang for buck appears. For $1k you can get something does wide variety of food at different temps

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If you can swing a used Yoder 640 that would be my choice. Cleaning is pretty much same as most pellet grills vacume out fire pot before each use, scrape down diffuser plate when it looks visibly greasy, vacume bottom out occasionally. Remove the diffuser plate (new diffuser plate has a door you can remove for searing or cleaning) for direct searing. Set for 600 and you will see 700+ for searing and direct grilling over the fire. I bought one very lightly used a few months ago for less than half of new price. Very happy so far.


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I like the shape of the cook chamber on my GMG Daniel Boone(now the Ledge model). Dids a 17 pound turkey with plenty of room to spare on Thanksgiving. I looked at a couple "combo" grills and ultimately decided that I'd be better served by seperate grills, the difference in floor space they requre really isn't that much(and neither is the cost).


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Get two separate cookers if you want different heat sources. That way you only have to replace one if one of them goes bad. Also if you like one but not the other you still only have to replace or deal with one. Never buy combo cookers or combo tv/cd players or anything of the sort because at best they are compromises and usually are gimmicks.
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Yeah thanks, I am leaning towards getting a Napoleon Prestige Pro 500. Lifetime warranty and for $25 I can get a smoker box to sit on an outside burner. Then i can easy smoke if I want on the grill and have a really nice grill. I am about sold on the steak sear burner already.

I also have a propane smoker and a full wood fire smokehouse also, so I have other options also.

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