Color of smokers

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Smoke Blower
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Apr 16, 2006
Northern IL
I realy do not know were to put this. I am just wondering is there any reason why most smokers are black? I am thinking when I paint my smoker do I want to do black or maybe a different color. I am just wondering if there is a reason for black.
I don't know. My 1st smoker was red. I thought it was cool. My WSM is black, and I wish it were red too. Could it have something to do with the availablilty of paints...
My first was also red. A Mr Meat Smoker, that looked just like an ECB except it had holes for shish ka bob skewers that came with it. 8)
hummmmmm im in the process of making a new smoker, that has a featre like ive never seen before, im thinking of painting it silver with a special paint that they use for headers and exuast pipes. my new smoker is a vertical with a side firebox, the interesting thing about it is that the grilles are attached to the doors, so that that they slide out when you open either door. pics to follow wildcat
I've seen smokers in a variety of colors, some even had air brushed paintings on them. I reckon black is used for a couple of reasons. Black is cheaper than colors. :) Black doesn't show where smoke exits the smoker.
And... Black preheats the smoker in the Texas sun long before you light the fire. :lol: Plus most folks know that you're going to lose paint on the firebox and black is a pretty easy color to match for touch-ups.

I guess that is why black can be better. I was thinking of trying red just have a big red out on the deck. I will look at what colors I can choose from that are at a good cost and go from there. Since I have to paint 2 55 gal barrels I know I am going to go though a few cans.
i painted mine yesterday. i used high heat (said on the can resists heat uo to 1200°) on the firebox, and on the smoking chamber close to the fire box. used two more cans of flat black to finish the whole thing- legs, shelf and all. will see what it does to temp control next smoke. btw, it was silver before.



I use to have the classic red Weber gas grill. After a while the hood had parts of the hood stained black beyond cleaning. I now only want black BBQ products. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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