colo curt

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colo curt

Original poster
Jul 2, 2007
roxborugh co.
I Am Not Very Good At Typing So It'all Upper Case. I Just Purchased A Charbroiler-skoker And So Far Liked It Until The Wind Started To Blow. Thus My My ?????? How Do You Keep The Smoker From Back Drafting. Help
First off- Welcome aboard. I'm a vertical box propaner but someone with the offset info you need will be along soon.
Be patient and the answers to your questions will magically appear.
Keep us posted on your smokes and take a lot of pics.
Welcome, as stated, someone will assist, I have a vertical propaner too.

Check out the 5 day course, really good things in there.

i haven't had that problem w/ mine (i have an offset) but it has wheels so simply turn the other direction. or add a bit of aluminum flex dryer vent to the top of the stack & angle downwind.
With that type of smoker I think you have a 3" vent just get an elbow and stick on top of the stack and rotate opposite of the wind. I have 2 smokers mounted on my trailor and both have swivel stacks for that purpose. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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