cold smoking ????

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Original poster
Dec 18, 2006
Crystal, Michigan
This fall at "salmon slamin" camp one of the guys broke out a package of what he called "cold smoked venison", WOW!!! That was great, moist,tender and most of all, a complete mystery. Can anyone explain the process and possibly give me some pointers? Do I brine, how long, how long to smoke ??? Any help would be super, you only get so many hind 1/4s a year, I'd hate to screw one up.
Cold smoking is all I do so, it goes likey this.........

Brine it for 12-16 hrs, rinse it lightly, let it sit overnight open to the air. In the Fridge or outside, depending on where you reside. Then I would cold smoke it for 2 days. Mind you, you need to cook it after that, however you desire. Slow on the grill would be my way.

You will be very pleased.

Any questions, I'll give it my best shot.

Come here, you can get all the hind quarters you want. You wont even have to leave the porch. ;)
Thanks Opus, I'll start brining tonight, (thurs.), should be ready for the weekend. Any sugestions as far as type of wood for smoking, I like apple for my goose breast, but maybe you have a more suitable wood for this job. Thanks again for the tips.

Haven't ever been out that way, but I'm not too paticular where I take my table fair, don't offer too many times, you might have a wide-eyed hunter standing outside your door one morning.
I most always use alder. Its a smooth smoke and you cant abuse it, like you can hickory. I mix apple with it at times. I wouldnt be bashful about doing straight apple either. I like to use pine for my very special friends. ;)

Bad (good) thing about anyone coming here, your tag would cost you about $700 or so. Might be cheaper to buy a beef. :)

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