Cold Smoking

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Sep 8, 2006
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I saw this while surfing the web and thought it might be a good thing to use. Anyone have one of these or have an opinion? It's a cold smoker that you light the "dust" in the pan and put it in your smoker and it'll smoke for about 6-12 hours depending on how much wood you add. It won't bring the item you are smoking hotter than 70'

I saw it at

(I have no financial interest in this product..I just found it while surfing the "smoke-ring")



As I was studying the pic the thought occurred to me it looks like it is made from aluminum.Isnt untreated aluminum in cooking related areas a no-no?
If anyone happens to buy one, report back with pics / description of the unit and how well it works. I think a lot of the hot smokers are interested in smoked cheese and the like. Just some of us are a little more "crafty" than others.

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$47 and change...Includes 2# of alder dust and shipping..

According to their site, they light a corner of it with a teaspoon of lighter fluid and it supposedly smoulders for up to 12 hours..
do you think ever clear or 151 proof rum will start the fire???

wont lighter fluid impart a bad taste????my honey is putting me on a
tee totaling diet come 1/1/07...

my smoker will not get above 225 f in winter,,,
i have convinced her that smoked chicken in very
calorie consious......
thats beer can chicken!!!

the i5i rum may help me out....
that is what i was talking about- $47, for that? that is crazy. if i wanted one, i could build it at work, for free. and 2lbs of alder is not worth that much, to me anyway. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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