cold smoke bacon

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Jun 7, 2006
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I think I figured out how to cold smoke, I can take my little electric smoker, hook a dryer hose up to the vent, run it to the King Kooker, put the hose throught my little side door where I can change the wood and water. this will run the smoke right up through the chamber!!

I want to try bacon, but it's in the mid 90's so I think it would get too hot, this would be one way that I could use the smoker without heat and it getting too hot!
The theory sure sounds good. I built a cold smoker, its about 8ft X 8ft. I smoke the regular bacon from the store, it sure does improve it. Good luck. Terry
I was thinking as warm as it is we only need to get a few chunks of wood smoldering and no fuel. I've done cheese that way and it work great. Light it with a torch or something and set it inside.
Shell...a little trick a read about online was take a can like from beans or tomatoes or what ever and when you emtpy it only cut the top half way around...wash the can out and pry up the top half that is cut and fill the can with wood chips or sawdust....poke a few extra holes in the top of the can and then insert a wand type soldering iron ( un-used so it has no lead or nasties on it )run the wire out from your smoke vessel and plug it in....and wala you now have a cold smoke unit :) ...hope this helps Tim.
Have an extra can ready to go for when the first one burns out and just keep swapping as needed here is the link . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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