Coffee mop for spiral hams

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    As spiral cut hams have a reputation for drying out during smoking, I have found a delectable solution that will keep them moist and tender without overpowering the ham flavor that we seek. I use this mop recipe on the half hour during the smoke and, since most spiral hams are pre-cooked, they only require two to three hours to come to temperature. The original recipe called for instant coffee granules and was thick and used as a finishing glaze. My version is "watered down" so as to run freely into the slices.

    Coffee Mop

    ¼ C maple Pancake Syrup
    1 T Worcestershire sauce
    1 T Dry Mustard
    ½ C Brown Sugar
    2 T Cider Vinegar
    2 C VERY STRONG Coffee (or to your taste)

    Make the coffee as usual in a coffee maker, but I use two to three times the normal amount of grounds for drinking. Then simply combine the remaining ingredients and simmer until sugar melts.

    Smoke ham on it’s side as usual at around 175F to 200F using wood of your preference. Insert long ¼" dowels through the ham to prevent spiral slices from sagging like a deck of cards. Use a drip pan under the meat since this is a very thin mixture. But it’s worth the drips.


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    Thanks for sharing! Sounds great I will be trying it very soon
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    Thanks for sharing emtee, that sounds wonderful![​IMG]
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    That sounds very good.......I'll be trying this one!
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    emtee, thank you very much for sharing. I'm smoking a ham on New Years Day and I plan on using this recipe. My Mom used to make a gravy that I recall having the name of Red Eye gravy. I also remember it having coffee in it. It sure was good so I'm looking forward to trying this one. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks so much for sharing, as a newbie to smoking, I am looking for all the help I can get!
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    I use coffee in my brisket rub, turns out great!
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    Thanks for sharing, friend. I really like the sound of this one and I expect to try it out real soon. This one is saved to my permanent "Must Try ASAP" recipe file. Thanks again.

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    can someone interpret the amounts used in emtee's recipe please.

    I am assuming the its a 1/4 of syrup, and a 1/2 cup brown sugar.
  10. That's how I would interpret it.......


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