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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
I didnt do any smoking this weekend but was on the grill Friday and Sat evening.We did shrimp,scallops,pineapple,portabellas.corn, and potatoes Fri night,Sat night Brats,and more mushrooms and pineapple.This all ended with a wonderful blackberry cobbler made in the Dutch Oven topped with ice cream.Ive not done a lot of Dutch Oven cooking,maybe two dozen cooks,but the cobbler came out just perfect.My wife said I should call it "lay me down cobbler" because shortly after eating it I was ready for bed.
Sounds like a great food experience weekend, David!

Hoping all is well with you and yours!

Sounds delicious Dadcots. I love the name your wife came up with.... been there..
Sounds great to me too! You wouldn't happen to have that recipe handy would you? I would like to try a cobbler in my smoker. I have had very little experience with dutch ovens, but willing to try. You make it sound too good to pass up .

Don't know what dacdots is but heres one we use.
1or2 cans blueberrie pie filling
12 oz. 7-up or sprite
1 white cake mix - cheaps ok- use 1 1/2 or 2 if you want
butter or margarine

place filling in D.O. and spread out
pour in soda
sprinkle in dry cake mix
place 4 or 5 dabs of butter on top - teaspoon or less ea.
bake until top is browned

Made this recipe at the get togather with different fillings. Turned out great.
Yep ... Good Eatin... if your cookin DO style you gotta try this!
Here is the recipe.except I doubled everything and used a yellow cake mix instead of flour.
Thanks Dacdots and Shortone for the recipes. I will try them both....they sound great. I've never used a D.O. in my smoker before but have in an oven. Guess it's just the same if the temp is right..Ha. Someone and I can not remember said they cooked a cake in a D.O. I'll also have to try that.

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