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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to the group and I've got a question. I recently purchased our first smoker, it's a Traeger Texas pellet smoker. So far I absolutely love it!! I've been doing a lot of reading on different forums and a lot of people like the brand of Lumber Jack pellets available on Amazon. I went to the Lumber Jack web site and anyone can become a distributer if you purchase a pallet of pellets at a time. Since this is a "So Cal" group, is there enough people interested in going in on a large order like co-ops do and get some pellets at a reasonable price? If not Lumber Jack what about some other brand that everyone likes? Just thought I'd put it out there and see what discussion comes about. :sausage:

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    I don't see anybody responded to this?

    Im not sure If I would ve - I smoke every weekend and I go thru 20# bag about every 5-6 weeks. Not sure if I need 200# laying around? but with enough people to say get 40 - that might work.

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