Cloumbia Spice Sale

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  1. [​IMG][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Happy Mother Day![/font][​IMG][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Enjoy a 15% off your entire order of $20.00 or more! Simply enter code: may2010 at checkout. We hope you have or had a great Mothers Day! Thanks, your friends at Columbia Spice Imports. WWW.COLUMBIASPICE.COM[/font] [font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]15% OFF $20.00 OR MORE![/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Beef Rub from Columbia Spice! [/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Louisiana Fish Fry Products, Entrees and Cobbler Mix:)[/font][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Coupon Code: may2010 at checkout. Coupon is Valid through May 31, 2010[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]If you like Lysanders Beef Rub, this one is for you. This rub is very similar to Lysanders Beef Rub at a lower price![/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Fish Fry - Seasoned, Lemon, No-Salt, Chicken Fry, Dirty Rice, Red Beans & Rice, Jambalaya, Cobbler Mix plus many more![/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Legg's Old Plantation Sausage Seasonings[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Legg's Old Plantation Rubs & Marinades[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Lysanders Meat Rubs, Marinades & Dips[/font][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Assorted Sausage Seasonings - Sweet, Mild, Hot Italian, Breakfast Blends, Kielbasa, Chorizo, Summer Sausage, Snack Stick Seasonings & More[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]BBQ, Brown Sugar BBQ, Steak Seasonings, and more. Also check out our list of Marinades![/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Rubs for Beef, Chicken, Pork & Fish. Flavors include Cajun, Chipotle, Mesquite, Hickory, Lemon Pepper, Bourbon & Spice Bourbon. Four Marinades and Six awesome Dips![/font]

    [font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Once again, please feel free to pass this on with family and friends! Coupon Code: may2010 to save 15% off your order over $20.00. Thanks for chosing Columbia Spice Imports for your grilling and processing needs! If you wish to stop receiving promotions please click on the link.[/font]
  2. I noticed that if you click on the pictures, the different spice catagory will come up.

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