Cleaning your smoker???

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Sep 8, 2006
Casa Grande, AZ
Do you folks clean your smoker? I was looking at some pics and some of the racks and inside were nice and shiney and some (like mine) never see a hose or soap. I just brush off the racks when I'm ready to smoke. I also reline the water pan with foil. But that's it. I figure if I clean the inside, it'll have to be re-seasoned again.

I know this topic has probably been done before, but I wasn't the one who did it..
I have cleaned mine twice in 1.5 yrs. but just the grate and drip pan. Well, maybe the drip pan every couple months or so.

Clean it just before "guests" come over.

Buncha a smoker! Clean your toilet after nasty beer, other than that.......don't worry about it.
Generally no - but after smoking with alot of sugars sometimes the racks get nasty and don't just brush off - so I throw them in my oven and turn it on to Self Clean mode.
That is awesome. I have NEVER cleaned the inside of my vintage Brinkmann either and don't intend to. I place the grates over the newly lit fire and let it burn (my version of sanitize) the previous projects remain off and then give it a good brushing.

This was/is a good topic. The fact that there are numerous similar threads prove it. :)
if i ever let my racks get unused(not freakin' likely) long enough to get mold on them- i'll clean them. usually if i have done chicken or fish i'll "wash" them w/ fire. thats a welder's term for quickly running them through the flames.thats about it.
When I did that, it filled my kitchen with so much wife was ready to slaughter me. I now use a propane torch to clean the grates. It's the best of both worlds really....I get to play with fire and it smells like BBQ!
Absolutely NOT bad to ask a question that has been asked. If you don't know and aren't sure where to look, how will you learn without reinventing the wheel. This site is all about helping each other out in a family kind of way. The best, friendliest place on the net.

Ask all the question you like - we have answers (I hope)

Keep Smokin
That's right! DON'T EVER ask a question that has been asked before! You will be stripped and slathered with BBQ sauce, have a probe stuck in your shoulder, brisket, or butt, and left in the desert until you reach 195' for slicing or 205' for pulling!

Or, they'll just be cool and treat you like they treated me on this question..
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