Cleaning the smoker

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May 27, 2006
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Question and you will be answered...
Do you guys clean the smoker.......I clean the racks of course and my drip deflector and the drip pan but what about the walls ????.
I have been cleaning them after every use but not to the pristine new look.
Some one said that I could spray one of those non stick sprays on the walls to make clean up easier but I tried that and I didn't like the smell or the added flavour in my chicken.
Maybe I have over sensitive taste buds or maybe it's all in my head.....
What think you .
I just clean my racks, the drip pan and the floor of my GOSM. Hot soapy water and a brass grill brush for the racks and Greased Lightning multi purpose cleaner and a power sprayer for the drip pan and the floor.
Same here for the GOSM. For the horizontal off set, I first clean out the ashes, then scrup the grids as with the GOSM. Then, I scrub the lower portion of the food compartment thoroughly with warm soap and water and then rinse very thoroughly. Although I place aluminum pans under the meat to catch drips, I don't always get it all. So being afraid of the dripings becoming rancid, I scrub it and then leave it open for a few days to air out before replacing the cover. So far, I haven't noticed any negative scents etc.
My cleaning methods vary from cooker to cooker.

With any cooker, ash removal is paramount and is done as soon as I've stuffed myself and can get off the couch

Cooking grates I always brush precook when cool (works easiest for me) and never wash (almost), as I have less problems with sticking if theres a little smoke/fat residue left on them.
Once a year I'll take the grates to the carwash and blast them spotless, then take home and thoroughly rinse again and leave out to dry completely.

My vert offset (which I rarely use anymore) is most easily cleaned by good preperation. A sheet of HD foil in the bottom of the smokebox makes it a snap.

The FE which is stainless, is the only cooker I actually "clean" the inside of. Regular steel should be left alone in it's seasoned state.
As fall approaches, I buy the biggest, cheapest jug of lemon juice concentrate that I can find and spray the interior down with it. allow it to sit a while and scrub with a nylon brush. I repeat this 2 or 3 times and get the interior very near new looking then rinse well. I fire up the cooker and let it run and hour or two to ensure everything is completely dry.

My horz offset gets "cleaned" once a year. This consists of scraping out the bottom with a piece of scrap formica that confoms to the radius of the cooker nicely. Once scraped I pour a pot of boiling water into the pit and allow to sit a bit before unplugging the drain. Once empty, I alllow to air dry, then spray the interior wth oil and fire up to reseason the cleaned area. The upper half of the pit never gets touched.
Thanks everyone.
Mine is electric so I can't use too much water.
Instructions do say a damp cloth and that's so it doesn't short out I guess.
I'd love to take the power washer to it but she says it's my machine my problem. Just kiddin honey bunch.LOL
Good thing you added the "Just kiddin honey bunch." there, Chris-or you could been sleeping on the couch! :shock:
I'm in the "let the heat clean it" camp.
I always have a 2 hour pre-heat period anyways, so I usually let the smoker heat up to about 300 degrees and sit there a while before bringing the temp back down to start smoking.
I will usually hit the grates with a wire brush during the pre-heat.

I have to admit, I don't clean out the firebox as quickly as I should...
I usually wait until at least the next day to clean out the ashes. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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