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cleaning smoker - to clean or not to clean


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How does everyone treat cleaning the inside of their smoker? I have a little electric one and I'm getting a build up on the inside, how much is beyond "seasoned"?


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I would only clean mine out on the inside if I had a reason to other than getting rid of ashes and cleaning water pans and such. My sister had a little sign in her kitchen that said "My kitchen is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be comfortable". She was a RN so I took her word for it.

larry maddock

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yo shellbellc dudette,
i clean the grates a lot.
the inside wall i let stay "au natural"

the outside walls have grass on them from the mower [ha ha ]
im only kidding.


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I clean mine when it catches fire. Other than that, let her eat.


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I have a large drain hole in the backside of Puff, so if I decide he needs a bath, I fire up the pressure washer and go to town. I open the drain hole and rinse away the grease and residue. Puff doesn't get many baths though unless I am feeding large quantity of strangers. If I am cooking for myself and my friends, I just let him cook off any "contaminants". The smoke stack usually runs over 300 degrees when I first fire him up with a full load of lump. The temps stay there for 30ish minutes while I regulate and get everything down to a comfortable 225ish. I figure any lingering germs are pretty well zapped with 300 degrees.

Unless you are worried about appearances, I wouldn't sweat it to much. Personally, I prefer having that lingering smell for as long as possible!


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Shell -

I don't wash the inside I just use the brass brush to get the loose stuff off. The grates don't seem to get messed up much and also come clean with a brass brush.


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The inside walls of my smoker stay thick!!! The grates get cleaned a little......the outside stays oiled.

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