cilantro - corriander

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Dec 14, 2006
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For those who don't know already, if you grow cilantro (like we do...gotta have salsa right?) when it goes to seed, collect the seeds and dry them out, that is what corriander is.......I just got done pulverising last years collection into powder and thought...hummm how many know where corriander comes from......
i grow my corriander in containers..
some by themselves..
i also grow green peppers and cherry tomatoes ..
when these get about ten inches in height- in 5 gal.bucket...
i plant corriander on sides of buckets...
once they start---
they are like weeds---
i harvest every 2 weeks......
:PDT_Armataz _01_27:
its april 1st-----my traditional day it put plantlets
that i have grown from seed ,under grow lights,
out side in 5 gal buckets...
this is 1st tier--
every week another plant goes out side--[i start i peat pellet a week]

this year its 50/25/25--
50 % topsoil
25 % humus
25 % cheap potting soil..

i have trimmed the first plant already--
leaves [4] will go in salsa
LOVE cilantro.....I make a wicked conch salad/ceviche with a fistful of it. It's not smoked, but it sure is tasty!
Yeah why is it most good spices take over the yard? My back yard is one big mint, dill and hop jungle! I call it landscaping!
I use fresh ground corriander seeds along with fresh ground cumin seeds, when used in rubs they compliment each other.
frest cilantro year round...

pack your blender full of fresh cilantro (or any fresh herb for that matter)

add just enough water to let blender work.


pour into ice cube trays and freeze.

put ice cubes into ziplock bags, keep in freezer, use as needed.
I guess I'm the odd one here, I despise cilantro. Not sure what it is but it is the only herb I truly don't like, even the smell bothers me. Love coriander though. Great in rubs and since I love some pastrami and coriander seed is pretty expensive I am growing a bunch this year to let it go to seed.
Plus side is that the cilantro plant helps spinach grow, is helped by beans and peas. It attracts the tachinid fly (one of the good bugs) and repels aphids in the garden.
However, there are many people who cannot STAND the taste of cilantro.  My wife is one, Julia Child was another.  As I understand it, there seems a genetic difference which causes cilantro to have a "soapy" taste to those affected.  I am not "blessed' that way, but (as I said before) my bride is, so there is a NO CILANTRO sign at our front door and we very rarely go to Mexican restaurants together
I love cilantro but I can never find the plants in stores. I'm not skilled enough to grow from a seed. I use it in every thing tho.
I love cilantro but I can never find the plants in stores. I'm not skilled enough to grow from a seed. I use it in every thing tho.
Cilantro couldn't be easier to grow from seed...just level some dirt, make small indentations in the dirt with your finger about 4 inches apart, put a seed in each indentation, barely cover the seed with dirt (about 1/8 of an inch). Water it, and in about 50-55 day you can start harvesting it! The only problem will be keeping the plant from bolting (going to seed) quickly in the Englewood heat (I grew up in North Port, and I don't miss that SW Florida heat!), when the cilantro plant gets hot, it likes to go to seed quickly...which isn't a problem if you like coriander like me!! You can secure a steady supply of cilantro throughout the season by planting a few plants every 2 weeks, that way when one group bolts, you have another group that is ready to harvest!

There is no need to spend a few bucks every week in Cilantro when you could buy enough seed to last you a few years for just $3-4...and you could keep the seed from those and never have to buy it again!

I hope this helps!

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