Chukker and Quail

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Original poster
Sep 4, 2005
San Jose, Ca
My friend has some birds that he wants me to put on my smoker and I was looking for some advice for these baby's
Should I smoke them like I would a chiken or should I use my cold smoker for these?


While I am far from being any sort of an authority on smoking meat I do know game and usually both partridge and quail require a moist type of cooking process. Much like wild rabbit and squirrel they have little fat, or marbling, and must be kept moist during the process. Now, I turn the subject over to the gurus on the site. I will be sandbagging for a few ideas here! Still in my infancy but learning more every day! Monty
Cheech, Welcome to the Best Forum on the net. Lots of good folks here and we're all willing to share thoughts, comments and ideas. When you have a chance, visit "Roll Call" in the Anouncement forum and tell us a little about your self.
Earl D,

Thanks for the invite. I did just place my info on the roll call.


Oh I forgot, I was nicknamed Cheech after the Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke movie because of my constant smoking (meat)
:mrgreen: LOL - My boys like to watch any Cheech and Chong movie that pops up on cable.

My older kids have threatend to call me "Smokey the Bear" cuz of the fact of my smoking meats and when I wear my Scouter Uniform I wear the Campaign hat instead of the ballcap. My wife says that the "Bear" part is cuz I can be such a damn grouch. I guess not enough 'que can make anyone grouchy!! :D is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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