Chuck Roast, Mushrooms w/Q-view

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Meat Mopper
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Nov 15, 2010
Rural Nebraska
Early Saturday morning I got a great deal on this bone-in chuck roast. It had been a while since I'd cooked one of these. I decided to pick one up along with a few cheddar bacon stuffed mushrooms for a meal later in the evening to go along with it.

Seasoned with mignonette pepper, salt, garlic flakes and a little bit of balti seasoning  with olive oil set to go:


About 4.5 hours later and having rested in a cooler foiled an additional 40 min.


This meat was outstanding it couldn't have been much better. Moist, tender and super flavorful.


Close up shot

 WOW,  I haven't seen a bone in chuck roast in probably 15 years.  Man that looks good!
I love Chuckies. They have sooo much flavor - great job
Love some chuckie.  What temp did you cook to?

Dude, I foiled at 3.5 hours which was then about 155 deg. and then cooked with a touch less heat about another hour before putting them in the cooler for 40 min. I didn't add any liquid as it was dripping wet figuring it wasn't at all necessary. I'm not sure what the final temp was. Most the cooking temperature was 225-230 and then at the end 220-225. I had to run an errand so shortly after I got back I removed the roast. The way things were going, I would say in the range of 165-170 or a little more including the resting time. The only mistake I made was not saving that juice in the foil for making gravy or something later!

One thing I've been experimenting a little bit recently is foiling before meat gets to 160 deg. and backing off the heat just a little bit during the foiling time stretching that out some. With this roast I have to say it worked out really well for me. When I first put it in there the heat was at about 255 degrees out of  the gate and I backed off shortly thereafter to 225-230 within 15 min.

This was a "7-bone" chuck roast. 
Did you smoke those schrooms too?
I smoked the mushrooms also. Some that I had picked up at one of the local groceries here they had made up. Put it in the cooker with a few more almond wood chunks while the roast was resting.
You can't beat that man's meat!  That going to be some fine eating.
This meat had a really great flavor. Hadn't had one this good in a long while. Thanks for the complement! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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