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  1. Hi all,
    In the small town I live in, word has gotten around about my smoked turkeys. Now I've been asked to smoke up turkeys for some friends Christmas's. My only concern is what to charge. I offered to pick up the turkeys at the grocery store in town, brine them and smoke them. My wife figured charging an extra $1/lb would be enough. I think that number is low, does anyone else have an opinion?
  2. fire it up

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    Depends on what you get the turkeys for but you have to remember that you are using fuel and wood, brine materials, and rub materials you add and the most important is the time of cooking.
    You could definitely charge more than just an extra $1 per lb. Cheapest fully smoked turkey I saw in a store (Butterball) was $20 something for a 12 pound bird, places on the internet will charge upwards of $60 for one!

    I think for the turkeys I would try and get same sized ones and charge same pice to the people, take all costs into account then give yourself the well deserved bonus you should get, if the word is out and they are requesting this then don't be too shy about the price, hell, $4-$5-$8 for a pound of smoked turkey in the store at the deli and what you are making is way better than anything purchase from behind a counter.
  3. Down here in Georgia I sell smoked turkey's for $40 and that includes everything with them being 12-14# ones!
  4. rivet

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    $40 for a smoked turkey is a very good deal. Most places are well above that. Don't sell yourself short, and congratulations!

  5. Man, those replies were quick.
    I just got back from grabbing some turkeys. They had some utility turkeys on for $0.99/lb. The ButterBalls were almost $3.00/lb. I went with the cheaper birds.
    I think I'll test the waters this year at $40/bird. I don't think they'll complain, if they do, I'm sure I'll be able to find homes for the gobblers.
    Thanks again all and Merry Christmas.
  6. rivet

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    Hey Bud, just my two cents, but you did right in pickin' the "utility birds". Butterballs just don't seem to smoke up right, I think it's because of too much larding inside them from the injections. They're great in the oven, but never come out near as good as other brands in the smoker like Riverside, Pilgrim's Pride, or the grocery brands.

    do them right like you do, keep them fresh and well packaged on delivery and you will have a steady customer base very happy to pay $40 per 12-14 pounders.

    Just as an aside: slide them a basic fattie or maybe half-dozen mild ABT's or a half pound of PPB once and you'll be thinking about runnin' a business in no time.

    Best of luck to you and Meryy Christmas too!
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    My local butcher had Falls brand smoked turkeys for around $3.00 per pound. These are a commercially produced product. Whatever you do will certainly be better and should deserve a higher price point. I believe I would charge $4.00 for mine.
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    It sure sounds like you coul;d be well on your way to the world of catering if you so chose to. I would also look around you and see what turkeys are going for and just got a few dollars under theirs it will be turkey wars. The only thing is you better keep things small right now so that your competitors does raise a big stink.Good luck with all them birds and don't forget the Qview you still have a duty to share it with us here to because:

    We are the Kids and You Have the Candy
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    I smoked about a half dozen for Thanksgiving and charged $30 a bird. I also fried about half a dozen at $30 a bird.

    I got some frozen birds for $0.59 a pound and the average size was about 13 lbs.

    Word to the wise: don't let folks bring you their birds. That makes for a big time pain in the butt trying to coordinate when they're coming.

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