Christmas Prime Rib Eye Roast Smoke

Discussion in 'Beef' started by kaptn35, Dec 26, 2007.

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    OK....after doing much reading on here I decided to endulge my Christmas meal with a Rib Eye Roast Smoke. The Mrs. wanted Prime Rib for Christmas so she asked me if that is something you can smoke. Well, anytime a gal ask a question like that its basically there way of saying.......I want you to smoke it but don't mess it up!
    So used some VOO and sprinkled on the Montreal Steak Seasoning. Fired up the smoker to 275 degrees. Now mind you my wife last time did this in the oven with a high temperature to crust the outside and then backed off the heat to low to slow cook it. I said nah....let's just put it in and I will cook it to about 125 and then foil it up to rest for 20 minutes.
    So after getting the Cherry wood smoke going in went my 6lb Rib Eye Roast in the GOSM and placed the probe right near one of those plastic pop up temperature probes. For the life of me I dont see why they place those things in because they never pop up when I get the temperature that I want!!! (OK done venting....Now back to the Roast!). Replaced the Cherry wood every so often when it seemed like the smoke was dissapating. After about 3.5 hours the temperature read 125. Seemed a little bit odd that it was only 3.5 hours long so kept it in til about 127. Took the roast out and foiled it up to let it sit. At this time I told the wife that I was going to take a quick jog and she commented that I smelled like smoke and watch out for the dogs that might be chasing that smell......(funny woman the mrs is!). Came home and decided to relax a bit and left the roast foiled up for over an hour. My worst thoughts were was that it might be underdone and I would have to finish it off inside in the oven. But I didn't want to mess it up and over cook it or my prime rib smoking days would be over. Pulled the Roast out and began serving. Wife thought it was perfect and loved the Smoke taste on the outside!!! Kids didn't like it but who cares about what thier likes are for all I care next time they can Hot Dogs and that will leave more Prime Rib for me and the Mrs.

    So a Christmas Success! Here are the details:

    6lb Rib Eye Roast in GOSM
    Pepper and Salt Seasoning (Montreal Steak Seasoing can be used)
    275 degrees
    cook til Internal temp reached 127 degrees (use digital thermometer this one only took me over 3.5 hours)
    foil over 1/2 to set.
    Serve with Horseradish Sauce

    -Happy Holidays to everyone!
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    Sounds good...I have yet to do prime ribs.

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