Christmas Ham

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Sep 16, 2006
Ok, here it is. This is my first ham smoke, so I need some suggestions.
Bone In
Shank Portion
Partially Cooked
13 lbs.
cajun_1 I smoked a 21 lb bone in ham yesterday for a friend of the family. I didn't do anything special, such as a glaze because they didn't want it. Smoked it up to 160º (pulled from smoker at 155º and covered with foil) as it wasn't a pre-cooked variety. I am told it was very juicey and tastey.

I didn't get any cuz I was also smoking a brisket and wasn't about to leave the smoker alone for that long. Do you have any specific direction you want suggestion for? Glazed or not?
Into apricot flavor? Try this one

Apricot – Honey Glaze
½ cup apricot preserves
½ cup honey
3 Tablespoons lemon juice
1 Tablespoon cornstarch
¼ teaspoon ground cloves

Ham glaze directions
Combine all ham glaze ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat. Heat, stirring constantly, until thickened and bubbly. Spoon ham glaze over ham and baste during last 30 minutes of baking.
Makes 1 cup of ham glaze.
That glaze souds great. Guess i'd better get my boots on and head to the store.
Thanks PigCicles.
Just finished smoking my first ham 30 minutes ago. I actually smoked 2-12 lb. hams for was an all day affair. I used the Honey Glazed recipe at this address:
I increased the amounts proportionately because the recipe is for a small ham. I sampled it when I took it out of the smoker and I think it's going to be excellent....let you know when I've had a bigger sample. I smoked it 8 hours at between 200 and 220 degrees but was fanning the door so often, mopping and stoking the chip pan, that the internal meat temp was only 140 after 8 hours. I've got it in the oven right now putting a little more heat to it. I don't want to take any chances since it was not a fully cooked ham. Good luck with your ham and Merry Christmas.
Well here is my take on this ham thing…If you have a heavy skin on this ham (which you didnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t seem to have from photo), peel it off and leave about 1/4" to 3/8" fat on ham, take a knife and score the fat in 2 directions making 1" diamonds, then stick a whole clove in middle of diamonds til you stud whole ham. Put ham in smoker in a pan, you might want to use a little rack or some tin foil crumpled up underneath the ham to lift it up a bit, smoking with apple wood would be nice, hickory is fine. I personally would smoke at 300°-325°. Now for the glaze:

1 1/2 C. Brown Sugar
1/4 C. Orange Juice (reduced to half on stove)
2 Tbs. Dry Mustard (like Colemans)
Cook on stove till bubbly and thick like syrup (add more OJ if needed)

When ham gets to about 145° brush glaze onto ham, make sure if you get any on your hand lick it off! Good ainâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t it? Do it a couple times til your ham reaches 155° Pull her and let her rest…donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t forget to pull cloves or theyâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ll stick in your teeth! :lol:
Camera is on "ready" .. Weather doesn't sound good for tomorrow..see my new post..
hi everyone this is supersee . my first post.
i am about to do my first fresh ham on my home
made smoker,will let ya'll know how it turned out
Welcome to the SMF. Homemade'll have to tell us more about it. We're always looking for new ideas. You may want to visit the Roll Call section of the forum and introduce yourself to everyone on the forum.
Good Luck with your first ham. Keep us informed. We also love "food porn" (pics). is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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