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Oct 27, 2005
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I seasoned 15 lbs of meat (goat and pork) tonight for chorizo and will stuff it tomorrow.

Goat, Goat, Goat- :roll: You just can't tell us what you made and then tell us what you're going to do with it without sharing your recipe!!! You do that and you'll get questions like this. . . .

"Hey Goat, What is your recipe for Chorizo and are you going to put it in the smoker?"

So now that we got out of the way-

Hey Goat, What is your recipe for Chorizo and are you going to put it in the smoker?" :mrgreen:
Here is the recipe that I started with some years ago.

Original has way too much paprika, I use 1/3 cup of Spanish paprika. Chill the wine. I use 1 Tablespoon of granulated garlic. Also 1/4 cup of crushed red pepper and 2 to 3 Tablespoons of Cayenne pepper. I took out the jalapenos and added 1 Tablespoon of cinnamon. I use Mexican oregano and use chili powder from New Mexico that is just chili powder and not the other added ingredients that are usually found in commercial chili powder. Also, I have used 100% goat and 10 lbs goat and 5 lbs 80/20 pork trimmings. Sometimes I cold smoke it and sometimes I don't.

I served this as part of an appetizer to the International guests in the International Room at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo 2 times and got great reviews.

Make the changes that you like, you cannot screw it up very bad with some liquid refreshments.

in my world chorizo is a spanish/mexican breakfast sausage.

here is a simple recipe that i use and luv.

this is a sausage i make and enjoy
watch for decimal points
2 lbs ground turkey-25% fat
-this is commercial ground frozen chub tubes-
-i get for 79 cents a lb.
oregano 1.2 t--
--cumin 1.2t---
.6 t cinnamon--.
.6t coriander--
.6t or3/5 t-ginger
1.2t paprika--
1 tcayenne--
-1 t celery seed-
--3 oz red wine
1.2 t black pepper--
-1/2 t meat tenderizer
--1 1/2 t salt
put spices in wine and stir.
put spice wine in turkey and MIX up good.
i let sit overnight in refridgerator.
-------this seems to be best as fresh ---------not smoked---
i mix by hands----must be mixed well
i pan fry using PAM for oil or butter
i freeze what is not used for breakfast.
a couple of hen eggs-sunny side up-with grits-apple jelly--
and rye toast, makes this dude good to go.
yo cheech,
i like it made into patties.

i use a lid from a jar of coffee [cookie cutter style]
on cutting board .

this makes about 12 patties.

this is worth a try---
no special equipment needed
Something else to smoke sure I will give it a try. I just have had a hard time turning ground pork into something other than my kielbasa. Ingredients:

9 kg of pork
1 kg of lean beef
230 g of salt
3 tablespoons of sugar
150 g of black pepper
6 gloves of garlic
some mustard seeds - suggested 1/2 cup

Put meat and other ingredients in meat processor (use the seep with large holes). If meat looks too lean, you may add 1 kg of lard, cut in very small pieces. Mix everything very well and put in a cool place to store for the night. On the second day, pipe into thin intestines and smoke. Good smoking of the kielbasa is essential!

Total prep and cook time (together with smoking) - 5 hrs

Let me know how it works out and if you need any clarification!

Try this if you want to have some great kielbasa.
Chorizo stuffed and linked.


Cheech, Chorizo can be made into bulk for patties or made into links.

Goat, thanks for the recipe and for posting the pictures.

Larry Joe, thanks for sharing your kielbasa recipe.
For reference the kielbasa recipe came from a polish lady in poland. I was working with them on a project for work and she hunted down a polish grandma that was willing to share her recipe. I have a buddy of mine that will jump through just about any hoop for some of the finished product. Great thing to keep on hand for those times when ya need to ask a favor and you need something to motivate him with.
I was in the grocery store this weekend and found Chorizo there. I picked some up (put it in the back of the refrig, I don't want anyone to think i buy this stuff rather than make my own), I figure tonight I will try it out and if I like the store bought stuff I will be sure to love the homemade stuff.

I just got a new meat grinder and I'm thinking about making some sausage when I stumbled across this thread with your kielbasa recipe. I've got a couple of basic questions....

What temp did you have your smoker at?
What was the internal temp of the kielbasa?
Do you know how well this sausage holds up to freezing/thawing?
I've been looking at Chorizo in the Grocery Store for a while now. After reading a "detailed" description of the ingredients on a cheaper package, I very quickly laid it back down, and continued on my way! :shock:

A week later, I found a higher quality brand, but I was surprised to find that it was wrapped in a plastic tube, and not stuffed into a casing? I gave it a shot anyway and grilled it. It wasn't bad, but extremely salty!!! The texture also left a bit to be desired.

Are there "Better" brands out there, and perhaps some that do have casings?

Umm Jeff, with my experience with store bought Chorizo, the answer to you question is "Yes! It's call 'Make Your Own'". It's the only way to control the QUALITY of the final product.

I smoked it at 165F until I got an internal of 152F and it does hold up pretty well to freezing and thawing.

I am a firm believer that what ever I smoke (salami, sausage etc) it is ALWAYS better once it is cooled down and then heated back up.

My friends like it best with the natural casings. I do not. I find that the natural ones are harder to stuff and I have a hard time dealing with the whole idea of where they came from.

One option is to leave out the mustard seeds but most like them in there. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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