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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 30, 2007
texas , queensland peoples , did a chook today , ( or chicken to you guys but chook to any aussies in here ) had the temp up a tad to high on the old weber and it only took 2 and a 1/2 hours to get the birdie up to 188 internal , seasoned it as per the recipe in this section of the forum complete with the sc mustard sauce , turned out very nice indeed , good enough to get a compliment from the wife , although i think she is just glad to not be doing the cooking for our evening meal and enjoys food more when she aint the one that has to cook . she cooks all day we have a shop (store ) burgers, fish and chips, pizza, sammies , and so on . plus we have fresh fruit and veg. 7 am to 7.30 pm , 7 days , i do enjoy cooking , but don't cook in the shop anymore ( i used to ) but i do mainly farm type work .as you can see in the porn i did some spuds ( taters ) too bit of olive oil some sage , garlic salt , rosemary , lemon pepper , and a fair heap of master foods herb and garlic seasoning salt and cooked direct to crisp up the bottom ones. today is friday and im thinking i may have another crack at a meat loaf on the weekend .P.S does anyone else cough while they stand over a pan of simmering sauce that has vinigar in it or is it just me .

9fdc1017_vbattach11958.jpg Johno, fantastic looking chooks and spuds!!!!! ( never new that's what you called them)A meal is allways better when someone else does all the least it seems like that to me, and no your not the only one that coughs when simmering a vinegar, somtimes it actually takes my breath away...literally. Gonna go check out your pics of your smoker in progress.
Looks great Johno. I also get choked up over the vinegar sauces. Also sneeze a lot when adding spices to meat on the grill.
Good looking groceries johno. I have some left over chicken I'm gonna make chicken and noodles with this afternoon.. but those spuds have my attention. Now I gotta do taters too.

Keep Smokin
Nice look'n "chicken's" Johno. Next you need to show us how to smoke sting ray and great white shark. Then I'll show you how to smoke skunk, buffalo, and rattlesnake!

all jokes aside, nice look' n food!
stingray is very chewy great white i don't know about , but some of the best fish i have ever eaten was shovel nose shark very very nice fish indeed,with a bonus there are no bones in shark , (well there may be some inside but they don't belong to the shark ). is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.