Chicken Thighs

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Apr 17, 2006
Greenwood, MO
I tossed in 8 chicken thighs to test a new rub and figured I might as well have chicken porn too. I'm also going to try a glaze/finishing sauce with Blues Hog Honey Mustard Barbecue Sauce mixed ½ with apple juice.

Here they are rubbed and ready to roll:

Here are the finished thighs. I bumped my pit temp up to 250° for these today and cooked them skin up the first 45 min. then went skin down for about an hour and 45 min. I pulled them and put the glaze on both sides then back in skin up for 20-25 minutes. Turned out very nice and the skin was much better. I liked the temp. and skin down for a portion of the smoke. It seemed to be a good compromise between low and slow and finishing with a good skin quality, texture, and taste.

Man I must be slow, just now seen this post. Good god O mighty just give me one of them and 2 pieces of bread with a hunk of onion and thats livin in dixie bro.
Okay Chad, we know how you did it-we want to know how the rub turned out!! Does it still need to be tweeked, or are you ready to share it with us now?? :D
I was testing out a rub that someone here in MO uses at competitions and is getting ready to sell commercially. The rub was great. It will be available anyday now for purchase.

I'm not 100% sure about sharing it with the board rules and such. If it is OK and you are interested I would be glad to share it with you. I really liked it. It had a very uniform grind and worked well with the quicker cook times of the chicken. It is geared for poultry, but doesn't have that roasted chicken and stuffing savory flavor that alot poultry rubs seem to have.

Let me know if you want a link Dutch or if it is OK to share these little products freely. FYI, I have no financial interest in the project what so ever. Just tried a good product the same as I did with the rub and sauce recipes available here. I wish everyone would just hook me up with the recipe like TulsaJeff did. I'm a sucker for trying out rubs. Just bought a Bourbon Rub from New York of all places. I'll have to post a pic of the rub cabinet one of these days. It is shameful. :oops:
Well, if you're offering to share the recipe, this wouldn't be a commercial posting. It would be like all the other recipes that are posted though out the forum for all to share and enjoy.

If the guy wanted to sell the recipe to us, then it would be a commercial post as he would derive a financial gain from it.

Of course you could always keep his secret safe by making a couple of slight changes to the original recipe. Like changing the amount of an ingredient or two. That way if his recipe has a copy write on it, we're not getting the actual recipe. Trust me-I know what it's like trying to keep secret recipes a secret. I've even given out some of my "secret" recipes that have been slightly altered!
I have not a recipe and wouldn't post what I do know about it publicly like this anyway. All I have is info on how someone could purchase it and try it if they chose. It is a slippery slope when the sharing products you have tried comes up where someone is trying to sell their own. To me, this no different than discussing Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce or Bad Byron's Butt Rub which is just two recent examples that I've seen. Most every BBQ person I've ever known is rub and sauce junkie and will try almost anything they can get their hands on. Our host's deal of buying the recipes is the best rub and sauce bargain in the world. I bet I've made $1000 worth of sauce and rub with them recipes.

I think there is an obvious difference between the member who on post number two starts in on his favorite product which they just happen to sell and manages to squeeze a plug in every post thereafter and the regularly participating member who says hey I tried this and I like it. I have nothing to sell, nor do I want anything to sell. I just wanted to post my pretty chicken thighs. ;)
There have been links to other websites that sell stuff that have been posted here. It would be up to the individual if they wanted to make purchases from those other sites. If you want to post a link so that members can purchase this chicken rub, go ahead.

BTW-those are great looking Chicken thighs!!
Those thighs look great! To me, it seems that thighs are one of the most perfect meats for smoking. I normally do a combo smoke/grill, using the grill at the end to crisp the skin. I love how the thighs don't dry out and the smoke really penetrates all of the meat. It's making me want to fire up the smoker, even in the 20 degree weather!
Congratulations on an outstanding effort! I also did thighs last weekend. I bought them at Sam's Club. They were the biggest best looking Chicken thighs I've ever seen. They were skinless and boneless. I also did a pulled pork butt and some ribs. They all turned out to be one of my best efforts. But several of the neighbors were really impressed with the thighs. Everybody voted to do it again ..... especially with the thighs. I think it's a good find. And by the way, sounds like you have a really good rub recipe. I also have several good ones. I like Tulsa Jeff's and also Dr. BBQ's recipes. Tulsa Jeff's is available over this site and Dr. BBQ's is in his book ... Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook. If there's' interest, I'll post Dr. BBQ's. You'll have to talk to Tulsa Jeff about his.
Hey Bill!! Shouldn't that read "Everybody voted for me to do it again ..... especially with the thighs." ? :D Just kidding with ya, buddy!!
Dutch, I reckon that depends on what kind of party he had down there. :oops:

Bill, I have TulsaJeff's Naked Rib Rub recipe and GGSA sauce as well. I have Dr. BBQ's book as well. Which rub did you use for your thighs. It sounds like it was one from the book. I've used the Naked rub on ribs, butts, and briskets. My wife has a hissy if it doesn't end up on at least one rack of ribs. It doesn't strike me as something to use on chicken. Anyone tried it?

I'll post a link to the rub if someone wants it, but otherwise have no need to. I didn't even intend to bring up it's sale here. When asked about a recipe I was kinda painted in the corner.
Hey Dutch!
Good to hear from you! You're right but isn't that what we love to hear? To me, the most wonderful response to a big "get together" (when we have cooked up a lot of things) is an insistence that we "do this again." I love it and I'm ready tomorrow! Perhaps I'll tweak this or that or perhaps add another entree but I sincerely appreciate the folks wanting to do it again. Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and that it includes some "thin blue smoke."
Sounds like you are all like Cheech, I need to add on to the house for all the rubs, sauces, etc that I have and have tried. You know there just is not enough room in the freezer, cabinets, or the smoker. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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