Chicken Breasts done like pork?

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May 24, 2016
Alabama (near Auburn)
Came across a video the other day. seasoned up boneless skinless breasts and put them on at 250 until IT of 165. Done right? nope this guy takes them off puts them in foil, adds some butter, honey, little brown sugar. Wraps them tight, turns temp to 275 until an IT of 195. Then shreds them. The video looks great so I'm going to try them. It's worth the experiment but curious has anyone tried this before?

Side question, he used Blues Hogs original dry rub which I don't think I have near me but I can order it. Has anyone used that brand before? Has a great red color to it.
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Never tried that shredded method but I do use the BH rub and like them a lot.
Local ACE has them on stock and WM has started to carry their sauces and may stock the rubs as well.
Try it and post up your results!

Never tried that shredded method but I do use the BH rub and like them a lot.
Local ACE has them on stock and WM has started to carry their sauces and may stock the rubs as well.
Try it and post up your results!

I just looked up an Ace right down the road and they have it. Thanks a bunch! I'm going there in a few hrs to get it
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I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I think the time in the foil will keep them moist & pullable. But I think I would take them out a bit earlier, like maybe 150 IT, then do the foil thing. With the foiling part & the seasonings, I bet they taste like PP, without the BBQ sauce.
There was a member that came to my gathering that brought pulled chickens. Very good but I don't think I ever asked how he made them.
I smoke bone in, skin on breasts to 160~165° IT, wrap in foil and towels. Rest them in a cooler for awhile, and they make for some fine pulled chicken. I have some I'm fixing to cook in a day or two.

Chicken breasts do not really need to be taken to the same, or similar IT as pulled pork because there is not as much connective tissue to break down in them.
I know most everyone is pro brining for poultry, but I find that brining brings a slight change in the texture of the meat that I do not care for.
I did pulled chicken tacos in a crock pot before. I overcooked the breast and it was like mush. So I will add be careful on your timing. It sounds Awesome though.
Mustard binder and seasoned up. Cooked to 165 and then wrapped it with butter, honey, brown sugar and cooked to 195. Let it rest for an hr after. Then shredded. IMG_1738.jpeg IMG_1739.jpeg IMG_1740.jpeg
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Overall I give it a B- after I let it rest and went to pull, there was juice but soon after it soaked up any juice that was left. It had really good taste especially with the blues hog rub. I think it would be great for a separate dish for when you are doing pulled pork or something and you know there are guests that don't like pork. I think you would definitely have to sauce it up or keep it in a crock pot with some chicken stock or something. My wife loves boneless skinless chicken so I'm sure she will put in her salads.

Also sorry about the pics. I'm a little rusty and not sure exactly how to post multiple pics from my phone correctly just yet.
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They sure look good to me! We SV breasts & you could easily take them to a pulling temp, and they are always very tender & juicy.
Nice job Brad!
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Looks good, I've tried the Blues Hog sauce, but haven't found the rub yet. Gonna have to keep a look out. 👍
Interesting this thread came up. Just 3 nights ago I grilled 2 skinless chicken breast with Blue Hog original rub. Only I grilled them to 155° and pulled em. I love that rub and plan to try it on some St Louis cut ribs probably this weekend. I also bought the Blue Hog at Ace a few weeks back. It's good stuff.

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