chicken and pork

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Original poster
Mar 4, 2006
hi it's me again well we will be smokin tomorrow as i just went down to get a chicken out of the freezer and everything has thawed it still has crystals on the bags. can i smoke the chickens and pork chops at the same time? i will have to hang all the chops? if so what a pain we were going to do just one chicken tomorrow just to see how it would go. i am baking some and will re- freeze those i bake. thanks for any help i get.
another question i have the stuff from morton salt do i soak the chickens in it with water first? if so how long? then do a rub on it any suggesions? what do i have to do with the chops? i have been looking but not getting anywhere than how long to smoke each?
banchi, sorry your post went unanswered but chicken isn't my strong suit so I thought I'd let someone who cooks birds more often field your question.

Cooking different meats together is no problem at all.

Cook whole chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 180* in the interior of the thigh near the joint.

Pork chops until they reach an internal temperature of 160* according to NSF.

I'm not sure what "stuff from morton salt" you have, so I can't help you there.

Hopefully someone that can help you more will add to what I've started you off with.

if you have the morton tender qiuck you cut your chicken in half put on the tender quick just sprinkle a heavy coat on both sides of the chicken and leave for 30 min to 1 hour the longer you leave it on the salter it will be when done waiting your 30 min or 1 hour rinse chicken off put in smoker at 225 smoke till internal temp reaches 170 in the breast just lay the chicken on the rack same with the pork chops just lay them on the rack they should be fine hope this helps
hope some one see's this do i put the morton stuff on the chops to and i have also found some striper? not sure if i spelled it right (fish) do i rub that to?? smoke it with the rest of the pork and chicken? thanks again

hello no dont put any morton stuff on the chops you can put the morton stuff on the fish for about 30 min rinse and smoke it till it is flaky probibly take less time to smoke then the chicken and pork later
thanks for the info so i want to rinse the meat food after the morton time and pat it dry and then smoke it?

yes that is right you might cut the fish back to 20-25 min when i do fish i use rock salt i think tender quick will work fine just sprinkle with tender quick let soak for 20 -25 min rinse pat dry and smoke i would check the fish every thirty min in the smoker it will get done a lot quicker then the chicken and pork you might want to wait for a couple hours after you start smoking the chicken and pork then put fish in the smoker keep an eye on the fish till it gets done maybe check fish every thirty min or so bye
Banchi,the Mortons Tender Quich is used for curing meat like the hams and bacons we talked about.You dont have to use it for plain smoking of meats or what you call "smoke cooking."This is when you smoke and cook meat that is to be eaten right away.The cure is for meat that will be preserved for long periods of time,do you see the difference?Now some of the people here like to brine certin meats like chicken or fish which is fine,but you dont need the cure.Like salmon clubber said you can use salt for that.Salt is sodium nitrate,the tender quick is sodium nitrite which is nitrate that has already undergone the transformation to a nitrite.Hope I didnt confuse but if you do some reading on the theory of curing you will see that this is what happens to salt as it works in meats.Im doing a couple of chickens today also.I wont put any kind of salt at all on mine just some olive oil and a rub and they will be fall apart tender and very juicy.Good luck,David
whats is ya'lls take on doing B-back ribs and a beer can chicken at the same time? can it even be done? I got a meco 5030 electric/water smoker that is bullet shaped with two teirs/grates over each other.

this by the way will be my first time smoking, so would doing this be too much for a newbie???

g-I have had some experience with bullet shaped smokers and beer can chickens. With my ECB I find that I have to remove my top rack and place the beer can chicken on the lower rack or else the lid will not seal. I have used a rib rack (needed to cut the rib rack in half) while doing a beer can chicken. Things were a tight fit but do-able. Now when I use the ECB for Chicken & Ribs I just apply my rub to the bird and lay breast side up on the lower rack and place my ribs in the rib rack on the on the top rack and everything fits fine. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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