Cheeses that you have smoked

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Meat Mopper
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Feb 6, 2006

Curious, what kind of cheeses have you smoked?

Which, overall, did you like the best and why?

For me it is white cheddar cut in a rectangle.

I like this cheese the best as it is nice and hard but takes the smoke in.

Take care,

White and orange cheddar. I cut it small, something like 2" x 3". It holds smoke quite well.
I have trouble smoking cheese. It rolls just fine, but I can't get it lit! Just kiddin' round. I was thinking motz with a fruit wood.

I think I'm gonna try that. Maybe make a pizza with the results.
I like a good nutty Swiss like jarlesberg or emmentaler, w/ hickory. The nutty flavor just seems to tie w/ the hickory. I also like a good pepper jack.

Sharp cheddar, pepper jack, swiss, around the longshot home swiss is he hands down favorite. the first batch I used pecan chips which gave a very interesting flavor. It was good but swiss smoked with hickory was best although cherry was a very close second. I think Pecan would be fabulous for venison jerky
Hey Dickey,
I did some scrqambled eggs with summer sausage, onions, tomatos, and a bit of the smoked swiss shredded into the mix. I was surprised how little it took to impart a very nice flavor to it.
Thanx! Now if you'll excuse me, I think I just heard my skilled calling. :lol:

well I just did a medium chedder over hickory....but with all the swiss smoke talk got me running to wally world so now we have swiss, gouda, muenster and few others to sit in the cold box also.....heck little lady suggested even smoking some cream cheese....hummmmmmmmm maybe that would be really good in ABTs..... :twisted:
Don't forget the Mascarpone, and w/ sun dried tomato, garlic and basil (what I call the "Italian Trinity").

Next question: Does anyone else wrap their cheese in cheesecloth before smoking?

I cold smoke, the chamber never gets above 100 degrees. I use my (redneck engineer warning) propane cooker with a stainless chip pan, cardboard box with the dryer vent and a computer fan vented into the pan access flap on the Big Chief and prop the lid. (thanks Jeff)
I don't use cheesecloth to protect from the heat, I use it to "soften" the smoke exposure. Longer , softer exposure= better penetration, or at least that's my thinking.

I'm trying to envision you cold box, and having trouble. Can you post some pix? I use my chuck wagon grill w/ a hot plate and a CI smoker box w/chips.

Man that's sweet! I hope soon to invest a bit to move away from the cardboard box rig.

Dickey, I control temp with the big chief lid and the burner control
hello hello,
maybe try putting the 2 box above the first box heat/smoke source...

just a suggestion---
i believe smoke rises....
maybe yuo could eliminate fan.

ive learned on THIS thread
yup, and in fact here is my rig just getting into action, I elevate it on the ol table and watch the smoke just flow fan required... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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