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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by mco, May 21, 2009.

  1. mco

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    Wouldn't you just know it. now that I've converted my brinkman s & p to gas all these good deals pop up for charcoal. Two smokes and the tanks empty, so that about $9.00 each, and now I can get charcoal for $2 or 3 bucks for 18lbs. Any way back to the subject. I'm gonna do a couple racks of ribs and a couple chickens this coming weekend. What I want to try is this. I'm going to load up the can with charcoal, I'll punch a few holes for air, and put it on the burner. Hopefully I'll be able to save a little by using both gas and charcoal. Any thoughts or Ideas on what I have in mind. One other thing this is what I want for Christmas
  2. ddave

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    What size tank? How long was the smoke? What temp were you running the smoker at?

    I can get a 17 hour brisket smoke and a 9 hour butt smoke out of one tank easy. And that's at about a 240° smoker temp.

  3. mco

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    Hey Dave
    Guess that wasn't completely correct, I smoked 2 chickens @ about 300, and 3 hours and 1 rack of ribs for 6 hours @ 240 so that would be approx 12 hours, plus the time I spent just playing with it, and the tank isn't completely empty but pretty close, and its 5 gal.and did you check out that grill.
  4. richoso1

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    That's my average time on a tank.
  5. dacfan

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    I got 18 hours out of my last tank using my GOSM and it still wasn't empty. ( standard lp tank)
  6. flash

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    Same here and I use a GOSM charcoal smoker converted to propane. As to the can idea. I use a large coffee can turned on its side and punch with holes. I add several chunks or charcoal briquettes to the can, then throw my wood of choice in the can also. This still allows for alittle of the charcoal flavor some propane users might miss.

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