Checking out the outlets

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Sep 6, 2006
Refugio, Texas
Howdy folks from way down south in Texas, i'm using a char-broil electric smoker, oh and i think it is like larry maddocks, but was wondering if someone could tell me how to check the 3 way outlets to be sure they can handle the smoker. I have had some good luck out of this one outlet and now i am having trouble getting about 205 degrees. I am not sure if it is the outlet or maybe since it is a little cooler here now just in the mid 40's that the thin metal is not holding in the hear enough. Any help from y'all would sure be appreciated. And yes i know some of you are thinking "get another smoker" well have thought that too, but the most i do is smoker for 3 to 5 people, so do not need much. Oh and suggestions on a smoker for say around this number of folks will be muchly appreciated. OH and by the way i have a 8 lbs boston butt on now and 2 fatties one with rub and other just out of the wrapper. Can't wait to hear the replys.

Thanks all
OH look at me replying to my own questionaire.......NOT.....just wanted to let y'all know the fatties are done...sorry no photos...but they sure turned out great.......smoked sausage and biscuits.....oh and tossed on a littel mustard too. Think i'm gonna give Dutch's sausage and gravy recipe tomorrow for breakfast. Just passing this along.......

hello hello bill c,
one of the problems i have experienced with
heat control is self inflicted..

put chip pan far away from the heat sensor tip in rheostat ..
when i have pan to close ,
the heat must bounce back ,
and turn off the electric to heating element...
it doing its job..

the outside temperature does affect the heat accumulation...

on chilly days-- 35 to 45 f outside temp,
my baby timex will still get to 220 f..
on a summer day it tops at 246f

when there is 10 to12 mph wind at 40f==195f....

dont laff at this...
i find that when i wrap the tube of timex with a roll of
cheap aluminum foil....held by duct tape.
it breaks the wind chill...
it helps 15 or so degrees to get temp to 210 to 215f..

dont wrap the last bottom inch of tube so air will still get into bottom of tube, where it sits on base to help with chip combustion...
i dont wrap dome top or bottom base at all..
my brothers in the deep south may not know about layers layers layers..
i used 2 rolls and left on all last winter..

i have bought at dollar store a sun blocker for a cars wind sheild.
you know the kind when you leave the car so
steering wheel doesnt get so hot..
it has accordian style foldup covored in some type of shiny mylar..

its time to put this on....
and see what happens..

winter arrived in missouri this week..
Thanks for the note Larry, will have to check into the heat from the wood close to the rheostat. I usually just lay a few pieces of wood in between the cirlces of the heating element and then they will start smoking. I do not use a pan of any sort. When you have time tell me about that? Oh and the sun shields you get for cars sounds like a really good idea. And by the way i found some aluminum ducting material and i looped it around in a circle to stop the wind factor. Oh and while smoking today i noticed that smoke was coming out from bottom of the cooking chamber does your do that? I do put some foil underneath the heating element thinking the reflection oh heat would be better than the bottom piece that came with it...also sure helps in the clean up too. If i remember right this is the 4th smoke i have done with this char-broil electric smoker and the two fatties i did this morning turned out great. Now just waiting for the ole butt to get done for some pulled pork sandwiches. Again thanks Larry.

Hi Bill, Here is a thought, that particular smoker I believe puts out 1650 watts from that element which translates to about 18 amps(do the math) check the breakers. Here is something you can try for less than $10. Go to a hardware outlet and get a sheet of 1/2" to 1" foam insulation-itâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s either pink or blue, grab some duct tape and see illustration. close with a piece of duct tape, close lid and put brick on top (make sure lid is bigger so it doesnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t collapse in! Then just move brick to check your grub
Good Luck!
hello hello ,
my char-broil,
like one in pic...

in box paper work says --
its 1800 watts--
needs 15 amp circuit...
they recommend useing only ground fault interrupter circuits --
and 15 amp,
contractor grade extenions..

mine is always used with 25 foot 15 amp extension..

your foam idea is good one also..

in wind it might need more than brick to weigh it down.. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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