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Sep 26, 2006
Maggie's (Ultramag) charcoal post caused me to do a search on the ccoal that I've been pretty high on lately. In the process, I came across this site

Who'd have ever thought that you could read reviews and technical evaluation data on most every brand of charcoal in the U.S. at one site.

What do you think folks, should we have our own forum for rating charcoal, whether for grilling or smoking either one?


Oh, and BTW, if you want to check it out, the one I've been up on is Ozark Oak @ about $4usd per 10# bag.
I've seen the site before and it is scattered here n there through out the site. But I feel that it would be nice to have an area where the coal that we use can be rated and discussed. I think it would be very helpful to the site on the whole. Count me in as a yep
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