chat- anyone?

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there is a "chat now" icon on the upper right side of this page, I dont know how to use it but I suppose you will be guided through it. Terry
"la tida" dat mean, da water comin in, get outta da way, haha, just meant as a joke, to everyone, I sincerly hope it was taken as such. If not, I will delete it. Terry
lol ya silly mountain man... "la- tida" is spanish for... well i don't know what that is spanish for ... la ti da means the silly puter don't wanta buckshot fed atitude...cause it won't let me chat....thats why i have an 800 # .... so people can ge the point across in person w/out me having to slap them in front of people... or me behave in public ( thats more the reason- wife is shaking her head yes) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.