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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by daddio, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. daddio

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    been reading about laid back propane cooking guys so thought i would try it myself. bought a turkey fryer burner and new hose and reg.and it took about 10 min to install in my smoke n pro,got family coming over tomorrow for a get together so i'm gonna test fire this bad boy with ribs,chicken and butt,just to see if taste compares to charcoal and wood,what do you guys think of the comparison? i tried a brinkman electric smoker also a couple of years ago although the flavor was good meat was just not as tender. gonna try and do some pics on sat.
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    Don't expect to come out of the gate getting a perfect match or the best case senerio with the gas. It takes some tweaking to get it close to that of charcoal cooking. You will likely notice a difference in flavor and smoke ring. But if everything goes as it should you'll be eating good.

    Take some pix and let us know your opinion of how it comes out.
  3. I have an Afterburner gas conversion for a Chargriller for sale. I used to chase the temps all over the place with wood or charcoal before. Gas lets things settle in.
  4. I never even knew you could do it, until I saw this post. I googled it and found some info and pictures on the "best method". Here they are. I may have to try this out, once I get tired of smoking the old fashoned way.
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    what would the flavor difference be? maybe just not as flavorful? heck if i know but i just bought 3 racks of spares ol lady grabbing a chicek ant butt and we gonna let'er rip!! lol i was thinking about along with the smoke can like afterburner uses i would put another one in with water,seems that is what i've read here somewhere, any other tips? cause i'm wide open to suggestions how does the tenderness rank against charcoal?

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