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  1. I want to turn my charcoal smoker into a propane one. Should I place the wood chips in foil or just soak them and place them in the charcoal pan. [​IMG] HELP!!!
  2. fireguy

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    Ive done Both, in some cases I have not wrapped in foil, sometimes with no probs, and others with probs.

    If you wrap them in foil and poke holes in the end you can control the quality of smoke more.

    If you just lay them in the pan wet, they will smoke good for awhile but once they start to dry out, if the air mix is just right they tend to go from smoldering to flaming, not good, too dirty of smoke causing creasote to contaminate the meat.

    try to remember... Thin blue smoke....

    hope this helps

  3. stacks

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    I have NO idea why anyone would want convert from charcoal/wood to propane. But... If you insist on tampering with natural laws and stuff...[​IMG] Fireguy is correct. Your propane flame will stay at a consistant temp. Wood flare ups should be avoided. You want to limit air to your wood but still let the smoke out. I've heard tin foil w/holes works well, as does a coffee can. Soaking the wood will make little difference as long as they smolder and not burn.
  4. gooose53

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    I converted (but can go back to charcoal real easy) my Charboil and I use a 48oz juice can. I cover the opening with foil and poke about a quarter size hole in it and this has worked fine for me. I use chucks not chips in the can....hope this helps.
  5. richtee

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    What kind of smoker should be asked too... some ways are better for certain types.
  6. navionjim

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    I cold smoke in my NBB by putting a cheap Harbor Freight gas burner in the firebox with a cast iron pan of chips, I fill the water pan with ice too. The wood chips never catch fire or flair up in the cast iron. Just a thought.
  7. superdave

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    I just converted my electric to gas.

    I am using a metal pie tin to hold my wood chips and then wrapping the top of the pie tin with foil. Poke a few holes in the foil like a real pie crust and you are ready to smoke.
  8. billyq

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