Charcoal or Wood ??

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Aug 17, 2007
Battle Creek,MI
I'm new to Smoking and I have a Brinkmann Smoke N pit professional, I'm not sure on smoking with this.

I hear about Charcoal smoking and smoking with wood.

So if I smoke with Wood I just burn Wood logs and smoke ???

and with Charcoal I use a chip pan with wet chips ??? or Do I use burn charcoal and then put wood chips on top of the charcoal???

also what determines if I have a wood or charcoal smoker??
You can use just wood, but I would get some Kingsford and buy some hickory chunks or if you have some wood of your own (only hardwoods) cut some pieces and use those. I occasionally swipe some of my seasoned oak from my fireplace pile and use it. I prefer to soak it in water, some don't. You can add the chunks right on top of the coals. Chunks last alot longer than chips.
either or,both,and or nor- i do all of the above on my brink. the logs ya may have to cut down to get in the firebox & doesn't take many for enough heat. i use mesquite,hickory,maple, & oaks- all are pretty hot burning so i usually preburn & just add the coals w/ a chunk on occassion for the smoke.hope it helps. like they said, if using coal- just add a few chunks of wood, i throw 3-4 on in the beginning to establish my heat- then 1-2 per hour to keep my smoke up.
I dump a buring chimney of lump on wood, and burn all wood after that. try burning what and how you want, when i use my SnP, it eats wood just the same as my Horizon is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.