Charcoal in AZ? Von Hanson's?

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Original poster
Aug 8, 2007
Just thought I'd throw this out there... a couple of things I've been thinking about since getting my smoker.

Anyone in AZ know where to get some good charcoal? I tried a bunch of the Rancher from HD because it is cheap, but other than that I've been buying the stuff at BBQ Galore which isn't really cheap or necessarily the best. Anyone know any places in the PHX area that have some good lump charcoal?

Also... Anyone from MN or here know about Von Hanson's? I read some good reviews of it as a local butcher. Not sure why there is one here, but all the rest are up in Minnesota I think. I wondered if anyone thought much of their meats, if not I'll stick to Costco!
Sorry Hon -

We don't have any of the stores here. They have Cowboy lump here at Lowes that's about it. Some people buy it online.
Food City has mesquite lump at a really good price. Sportsmans Warehouse, Cabela's, or Bass Pro might have some as well. Give them a jingle.
I cleaned out a home depot the other day after reading about Rancher. I know the one on 202 & Gilbert still has a lot. I may have to try the mesquite stuff. I did see some place that gets lump from Mexico down in Nogales sells white oak charcoal. If I REALLY get into this it may be worth the drive someday. (

I saw pictures of the Pork Shop the other day online, I live close so I am definitely going there tomorrow to get some sausages! Mmmmm Beef Ribs & Sausages. I made all the mobs to my char-griller yesterday I'm SO ready to go.
Pork Shop is VERY expensive. I believe they're closed for a couple summer months too. You might want to call before you drive all the way down there. The cheapest sausage I have found is at Sprouts. Usually $2.99/lb for regular and exotic flavors. Also, like I said above, Food City and Fry's carry lump charcoal. You might even find some different stuff if you feel brave enough to hang out in Guadalupe.
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