Charcoal Grilled Ribs ~ Rendezvous Style ~ Q-View

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  1. At the Rendezvous in Memphis Tennessee Loin back ribs are Charcoal Grilled over direct heat...Mopped several times...With the seasoning being applied last...These were grilled 18 inches over lump charcoal for about 60 minutes....My son and I ate them all!! Delicious!!

    Raw Loin Back Ribs ~~ Membrane Removed


    Ribs Mopped Once ~~ Only the seasoning in the mop is applied


    Raw Loin Backs On the Grill


    Charcoal Grilled Loin Backs Just about ready!!


    Back in the house...Mopped one last time...Then a liberal coat of seasoning


    Sliced and ready for the table!!

  2. pandemonium

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    Now those look good and only an hour to make and you even got pullback that quick wow, were they tough at all? did you flip them over? and how often?
  3. grizandizz

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    Those look gorgeous, nice job!![​IMG]
  4. caveman

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    I like em. No smoke ring but still delicious looking. [​IMG]
  5. Thank you! No they were not tough at all ~~ As tender as pork or beef tenderloin. I've never been disappointed with the method producing very tender ribs. Loin backs are very versatile! They hold up well to long cooking methods as well as fast grilling. Yes, I turned them several times, but the majority of the time they grilled bone side down. Pullback/shrinkage is caused by heat, and at these temperatures it can happen fairly quickly!

    Thanks Caveman!! Nope no "smoke ring". The chemical reaction that causes it pretty much shuts down at 140*...With this method you blow past that pretty fast!

    I see you're "packin" a WSW 22.5...This grilling method would be a piece of cake for you...Start your fire, leave the water pan out, meat on the top rack and you'd be good to go. ~~~ Check out the link for detailed instructions. You'll notice that Raichlen is giving instructions for a kettle grill, but later you will see that direct grilling at a minimum of 18 in. is the desired method... Like I said...should be easy on the WSM...or a UDS etc.

    I hope you will try it, and you and your family enjoy it!

    See Y'all!

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