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  1. gargra03

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    I have a char griller smokin pro with sfb that I am going to sell. The smoker is spotless, no rust, It is stored in doors under a cover. It also has the lp side burner. I have done a few mods to her . I created a heat baffle with the charcoal holder in the bottom and have also extended the smoke stack down to grate level. The only reson I am selling is to get started on my uds build. I am located in Culpeper Va you can pick her up there. I may be able to get a few pics to you I am temporarlily not at home due to work. asking $40.00 obo for he ror would trade for a kettle one touch
  2. dribron

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    I would buy that one in a second if you were closer to me. Bit of a drive from MN...
  3. jimtweedle

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    If you still have it, I'm interested. I'm near Baltimore.

      Jim <///><  410-833-0330

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