Char-Griller Smokin Pro 830 with side firebox

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Sep 5, 2005
Anyone have an opinio on this grill sold at Home Depot, it's a Char-Griller Pro 830 with side firebox. It goes for $169 , is this a good starter for smoking outdoors. Anyone that owns this particular pitt please give any input you may want to share, I would appreciate it. This will be my first smoker or if anyone else have a smoker to suggest for a newbie.


BYC... :D
BYC - I know of many people that have CharGrillers, my brother-in-law included. It is a very versitle smoker/grill and has several accessories available, rotisserie, charcoal baskets, side burner... A lot of folks are extending the smoke stack down inside to the main cooking grate and building charcoal rings or baskets for extended burn times during long smokes.

The Pro model has 4 cast iron cooking grates but the Outlaw is longer and has 5 cooking grates.
Hey Bob. Thanks for the Reply, I will definitely consider the Pro. BTW is the outlaw sold in the same place as the Pro , like Home depot or where can I find it. Once again, thanks for your input this will help out along the way.

BYC... :D
I haven't seen an Outlaw at any store. The two folks that I know who purchased them do so through CharGriller online. You might try giving Wendy Morris a call at CG's customer service 912-638-4724 or email [email protected].
I purchased the Chargriller Pro 830 with side firebox from Menards when they had them on sale a couple months ago for around $150. I have seen them on sale at Menards, so if you have one there, you might want to check with them. Lowe's also carries them, but have not seen them on sale. I am new to smoking and this grill seems to work fine for me. I am making a few modifications which were mentioned.
I sent this to Sunday Smoker, but others might want to consider tuning plates instead of a baffle for even heat distribution in the Chargriller Pro Offset:

Replied by AlanHath on 5/27/2004 12:42:05 PM

I solved the temp differential problem by adding "tuning plates" to my Chargriller offset. I bought three 6"x18" 16 guage steel plates at Home Depot. My smoker is 20" deep, so the 18" plates fit without having to trim anything. I butted the first plate up against the end of the smoke box right above the fire box opening. This basically gave me a full depth 6" baffle. I left about a half inch gap and installed the second plate and then about an inch gap and installed the third plate. This left the last ten inches open. Now my temp differential is only five degrees from one end to the other.
Thanks for finding that info Bill,

That sounds like a pretty good idea "tuning plates."
For this weekend's smoke I plan on inverting the charcoal pan like crazyhorse did - I'll see how that works out first. But if I don't like it then I have plan "B".

So far I really like this smoker I have the same one you asked about in your first post - It has a good amount of room and the fire box is nice and big. Let us know if you got it or not.

Finally - I have graduated to Fire Starter!!!!!
Congrats on the Fire Starter status Patrick. Now you just be careful where you start them fires. :D
Have a question for you, Willkat 98: When you installed the tuning plates into your 830 Pro Grill, did you just lay them in or bolt them in? If that solves the problem of the heat difference, that would be great. When I measured the temperatures as of now, it is about 300 at the firebox and center is about 220. Thanks for any information.
I tried crazyhorses idea and turned the charcoal pan upside. it works great!! - There is only approx 25* temp diff from one side to the other. And the great thing about flipping the charcoal pan is you don't have to buy anything. Just flip it over and put the adjusters in there highest setting. the whole thing acts like a giant radiator keeping temps even.

Give it a try,

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Hey Hill City, first I would go with Sunday Smokers (crazyhorse) advice and flip the pan.

I actually posted someone elses post, when I was looking at the Chargriller. I actually don't own one, so my info was second hand.

These guys got first hand knowledge of the unit sitting in their yard :)

But to answer your question, I beileve the tuning plates on my post are just laid in their, and not bolted or fastened
BYC how do you like the smoker?

I was considering trying to save big money at Menards on one of their units but thought that the metal was too light weight and for the money I could build one.

Is the metal holding up ok for you?

I really like mine - I have been smoking for less than a year but I have not had any problems out of this unit. the fire box has worked great for me - I have used both charcoal and wood to cook with and the fire box is big enough for either. the metal seems pretty heavy duty without being so thick that you can't move it - of course it is not commercial grade but it does great for me. I did as crazyhorse advised and flipped the charcoal pan in the main cooking chamber to equalize the heat and prevent uneven cooking. it works great and there was no additional cost.
the only complaint I have is that the fire box is rusting - but with the temps inside I kinda expected this - I think I am going to try exhaust paint - it should resist temps up to 1000-1500 degrees.

hope this helps - Patrick
good to hear the inverted pan worked for you
you will have to repaint the sfb alot

i have seen so many mods to the chargriller out there but thats the only thing i do to mine and i have no problems with it

another thing you cas do is plug all those holes on the sides of the CG i think there are about 10 or so, just get some stainless bolts and nuts and plug em up 8)

charcoal baskets are nice to i can get a 5-6 hour burn time without refueling using the minion method and a full charcoal basket
Wow 6 hour burn!! :shock: That's great. I usually start my charcoal in a chimney then dump it on a pretty good sized pile of unlite coals - then after 2 hours or so I start using wood - usually oak and pecan. I still haven't mastered how much smoke for the right amount of flavor - but I am getting closer!! At least thanks to all you guys I haven't over smoked a piece of meat yet. I think I'll do a boston butt this weekend - I haven't smoked anything since before christmas. I starting to go into withdrawls.

Nice charcoal basket you have there crazyhorse!! Is that a custom made job or did you buy it. I could really use one or two!
i had it made at my local welding shop
if i had made it it would have welding rods sticking out of every side
:lol: :lol: :lol:
i cant even use a mig :shock:

i just gave him the measurements i needed it to be and came back the next day and he had it ready

the measurements are 13x12x4
Thanks for the measurements CH. My oldest son is better at welding that I am so I'll give him the measurements and have him give it a go.
Hey everyone,

I bought my CG SuperPro w/sfb in early Jan. So, that makes me a relatively new owner.

I have only made 2 mods so far. The first was to put a piece of flex vent duct on my exhaust stack to help hold the heat in. It seemed to help the temps to level out.

The other, I installed a piece of expanded metal on top of my side fire box cooking grate. I can then stack quite a bit of unlit coals before adding my chimney of lit ones. This allows me to get abt a 2-3 hour burn with no problem before adding more coals

That leaves me a LOT of room for ash to build up on them long cooks.
I looked at my HomeDepot here when I was going to buy mine, but they do not stock it.

So, I went on line, looked at Northern Tool, and printed out their ad and took it to Lowe's Home Improvement. They matched it with no problem. I just happen to catch NT's close out sale..... saved me abt $50 on the cost..... It pays to shop around....

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