Char-Griller replacement

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Original poster
Nov 5, 2005
I have 3 C-G's 2 with side boxes, thats the good news. The bad news is the lid is too bulky and requires too much clearence when open. I am not a fan of the Brinkmann now (Charbroiler). It is not deep enough for beer can chickens.
Does anyone know of a less than $250 sidebox smoker grill that does not double in size when the lid is opened?

p.s. Who let the smoke out
First off, welcome (oops, sorry Earl)

Secondly, can you explain what I quoted? I only ask becuase of the following:

now (Charbroiler). To clarify, Brinkman has always been an outdoor company, from camping to grills to tents to lanterns etc. CharBroil is a company that is highly consolidating the grilling and smoking industry.

Oklahoma Joe was purchased by New Braunfels. I have an awesome New Braunfels, US made Bandera, a large vertical standing nearly 6 feet. Great unit.

Brinkmans version of the Bandera is called the Smoke King Deluxe. It is a bit less quality than my Bandera, but has more features and is cheaper. ($189 menards) So let me explain what I mean "my" Bandera

I only said it that way, because over 2 years ago, Charbroil bought New Braunfels company, closed the Texas plants, and shipped manufacturing oversees to China. The "new" Bandera is much cheaper quality than the US built version.

The Brinkman Smoke King Deluxe vertical is superior to the "new" Charbroil Bandera.

To end that part of the story, Charbroil appears to be phasing out the Bandera all together. This was confirmed by not only the removal of the item from the company website, but by a salesman on the phone that slipped and let out the phasing out of this item line.

So Mr Waters, if you check out the Brinkman Smoke King Deluxe, I think you'll find a vertical that can fit 2 to 4 beer can chickens per rack, probably 12 all together on three racks, although 8 might be a sure bet.
I would have to call you on the the BSKD being superior to even the new 'Dera's. Not the ones I've been around, anyway. However, it appears to be a mute point since they are being phased out.............Bastidges!!!!
I meant for a value for your money.

Both are now much lower grade steel

But the BSKD comes with better racks, a nice water pan that has baffle qualities to it, many sausage hooks (versus 2 in the new Dera's) for about $150 less.

I would agree with you, that we are grading the better POS. One just smells less than the other :)
My bad on the Brikmann comment. Either way the barrel is to small. The up-right smokers are nice but I also need to be able to grill on it.
You can grill on the Verticals. The Fire Box has a cooking grate.....although a much smaller cooking surface than Horizontal barrel type. But they are vastly superior for smoking purposes!

Just want to jump in here for just a sec and welcome Smokeywaters to the Forum. There is a lot of experence here in this Forum Smokey, we'll be glad to answer your questions about smokers and smoking. All ya' gotta' do is ask away!!

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