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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ol' smokey, Mar 5, 2009.

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    I picked up a Char Griller Pro while the site was down. I gave it a dry run just turning the deflector plate upside down and used one chimney of charcoal. With the vents all wide open and the temp outside at 20* I couldn't get it over 200*.

    So with that done the mods started.

    First I raised the fire grate about 3". I used an old freezer shelf that was laying around. On top of that went the fire grate that came with it and a fire basket.

    Next I used the bolts that hold the SFB on and hung the deflector on those. Blocked the other side up with a block of wood. Later I drilled a couple of holes and put some 3" bolts in to hang this side.

    Lowered the chimney to the grate level with a flexable elbow

    Retested the next day and got to 230* with less than 10* difference from side to side. This was in temps in the teens and windy. Can't wait for some normal weather for actually smoke on it.
  2. I've seen this thread before....somewhere. and I posted the same response I'm going to post now.

    Try hanging the deflector plate. The problem is you have it shoved up right next the fire box and all your heat is coming out the gap at the other end. Then. going right up the smoke stack. you need to hang the deflector plate, using the provided hangers. this way, there is an even gap all the way around the deflector. Also, try using 3-1/4 inch aluminum flex tubing. Run it from the smoke stack, along the seam of the side and top, to the front left corner of the lid. Make sure you cut the end so it is about 2 inches above the cooking surface. Drill a small hole through the lid and the tube and connect it with a bolt and wing nut.

    Next, fabricate a charcoal basket or a raised "burn area"

    basically like this thread shows
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    I thought of both of the mods you suggested. It's been so cold up here in Cleveland, Oh I haven't the weather to experiment. It's gonna be warm this weekend and I'm gonna be busy.

    Thanks for the feedback

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