Changing out my smoker

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Jun 25, 2024
Hello all,
I have been smoking for a while and currently have only ever used an offset smoke box on my grill. I am looking to switch out to a propane/NG smoker. Something that may not be as time consuming or need as much constant monitoring. I also like the idea of not needing electricity, so no pellet smokers lol. Any particular brands anyone recommends? I've been doing research like crazy and keep coming up with many mixed reviews across multiple brands. I've been looking at Bradley, Tennessee, Master Built, Camp Chef, Pit Boss. Price range is up to $1200. Preferably insulated, but not a deal breaker.
I have a Camp Chef Smoke Vault. It has a learning curve to it, primarily because it's not insulated, so temperature control, or lack thereof, is dependent on where you set it up. It will also require some after-market add-ons, like a needle point valve to dial in the temperature. I also added sheet metal to the legs so wind gusts were less of a problem.

I think things are in pretty good shape now. The last few batches of ribs, chicken, etc. have been fine. I have not done a long smoke, like pork butt or brisket, so I cannot comment on what a 12-16 hour smoke looks like.

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