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  1. My 1st smoke on my cg pro was beer but chicken with a memphis dry rub. It was good,but it didnt have in all parts of the meat not sure why. Any ideas. sorry no pictures yet my camera is on the fritzbut there was nothing left of the chicken but bones. tomorrow I'm going to try to smoke a boston butt,as long as the weather permits. Supposed to rain. I did find a mod for the sfd smiliar to some others I have seen on here, thats my next step
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    what mods are you making?
  3. the mod is to make a basket out of expanded metal to put the charcoal in. its about 14" x 13" x 3" to 4" deep I think the deeper one would be better.I got the idea from has a char griller pro . It looks like it would work great. That guy tried it & said good things about it.
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    Just had one welded up that was 14X12X5" I think. It was too deep so I had to do some mods on my mod to get the basket to fit into the SFB opening. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo just becareful how wide and deep you go so you wont have to cut anything off to get the box inside.

    Good luck

    Found the site with the diminsions on it, hope this helps.

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