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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by soafung, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. soafung

    soafung StickBurners

    this is a "double post", but it would get more attention from a new thread. i was wondering if using ceramic floor tile for tuning plates would be a good idea? any input guys/gals?
  2. soafung

    soafung StickBurners

    after careful consideration, i decided to abandon the tile tuning plates. there is a lack of mass in my smoker (reason for tuning plates and baffle) and i think that the fire will cause to quick a temp rise. this would cause the ceramic to crack/bust/explode. 1/4 " plate is what i'm gonna use.
  3. soafung

    soafung StickBurners

    i went with steel plate for my baffle and tuning plates. 3/16" plate. i would post some pics, but i got some butts in the smoker right now. don't wanna mess with the thin blue! i'll throw some pics up when i get the butts done.

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