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Catering in Wichita, Kansas

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Catering in Kansas

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I've been receiving an unexpected amount of requests to do catering lately, and I figure that it's time that I look into food service licensing and catering regulations in Kansas, mainly Wichita.

I've looked at every internet resource that I could find, but couldn't find anything about licensing in Wichita. Do any of you know where I should start? Is a license required in Kansas? I'm only doing this for 100 people or less per event, but I'm concerned about liablilty. Thanks for your help.
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Here is what I found on licensing of Restaurants in Wichita...


You will also need a tax number from Kansas Dept of Revenue.


Plus ypu must also be inspected by Kansas Dept. Of Health.

Sec. 7.20.010.  Definitions.

Sec. 7.20.020.  Food handler's card.

Sec. 7.20.025.  Violation--Penalty.

Sec. 7.20.010.  Definitions.

The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this chapter.

"Employee" means any individual who handles food or drink during preparation, transportation, or serving; or who comes in contact with any eating or cooking utensils.

"Health officer" means the director of the city of Wichita department of environmental health, or his or her authorized representative.

"Person" means any individual, corporation, partnership, association, firm, joint venture, company, other state franchised business entity such as a professional association, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership or other organization of any kind in charge of, or in control of, or in authority over any restaurant.

"Restaurant" means any place in which food is served or is prepared for sale or service on the premises or elsewhere. Such term shall include, but not be limited to, fixed or mobile restaurant, coffee shop, cafeteria, short order cafe, luncheonette, grill, tea room, delicatessen, sandwich shop, soda fountain, tavern, private club, drinking establishment, roadside stand, industrial feeding establishment, catering kitchen, commissary, and any other private, public, or nonprofit organization or institution routinely serving food or beverage and any other eating or drinking establishment or operation where food or beverage is served or prepared for the public with or without charge and which is licensed as a food service establishment by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

(Ord. No. 45-926 § 1 (part))

Sec. 7.20.020.  Food handler's card.

No person operating a restaurant shall allow any employee to engage in any food handling whatsoever unless the employee has attended a food handlers instructional class that is provided or approved by the health officer or has passed a written examination approved by the health officer. Each employee shall maintain in his or her possession a food handler's card issued by the health officer certifying that the employee has received such instruction or has passed such examination.

(Ord. No. 45-926 § 1 (part))

Sec. 7.20.025.  Violation--Penalty.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment of not more than six months or both such fine and imprisonment.

(Ord. No. 45-926 § 1 (part))
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