Cast Iron Cookbook

Discussion in 'Dutch Oven Recipes' started by bassman, Jan 6, 2010.

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    Oh a download... I was gonna say that that would be one HEAVY book to carry around [​IMG]
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    Thank you for share, will browsing it tonight [​IMG]
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    Good info.

    As a long time DO user, some of my best effort has come from simple recipes, like an Italian sausage / mostaccioli dish I got off a box of Kraft parmesan cheese. Most stews and casserole dishes port over to a DO with no sweat.

    Most of DO cooking in my view is technique on how to handle the DO, not what's inside.
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    Thanks Bassman - it is now in my recipe folder
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    Castiron Cooking is the only way to cook. I grew up with cast iron and moved away from it when I got married. You know, the non-stick T-Fall junk kind of thing. But after several years and several replacement pots and pans we've gone back to cast iron. It's practically bullet proof, heats way more evenly than anything else, is almost impossible to burn anything with it and if kept properly seasoned is a much better non-stick surface than anything on the market. Scratches and chips in the seasoning can be fixed by simply wiping with lard or veggie shortening...

    It's good stuff!

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    Thank you very much for this, my wife and I are always looking for new cast iron recipes. My wife has probably 40 pieces to work with.
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    Thanks Keith.
  9. Saved it in a download file will definitely check out later to cook in a DO. Didn't care to much about it at first....lack of knowledge I guess....then it all seemed to it almost comes the people I used to see do it and envied!!! Here is another link that I use all the time for DO recipes....maybe some of you haven't seen it before.......

  10. Thanks for the info... Gonna check it out... I always cook with cast iron... And I do it outside... Wife says I am crazy, but she sure eats my cooking too...
  11. I just downloaded the book, thanks!!!!
  12. Thanks for info on the free download, thats my favorite thing about going camping, cooking in a DO
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    Very nice! Thanks for the download.
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    Thanks, sounds interesting and  the price is great.

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